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Find your style at Patrick & Menzies 

At Patrick & Menzies we know how important it is for you to pick glasses frames you really love so we work hard to provide a fantastic selection with options to suit all tastes and styles.

Whether you are looking for something classic and timeless or bold and bright, we have plenty of options available. Searching for sunglasses? We have those covered too! Read on to find out more about some of the top brands we have in stock at the moment. 

Maui Jim 

Maui Jim sunglasses are way more than just a summer accessory. The brand offers a wide array of different looks you will want to wear year-round – think classic aviators, super chic cat-eye designs, rimless frames and more.   

Ronit Fürst 

If you have an eye for detail and love a look that’s unique, the Ronit Fürst range is for you. Each pair of glasses is painted by hand – yes you read that correctly – and designed to look different from every angle. 

Specs by Prue 

One of the most recent arrivals at Patrick & Menzies, the Specs by Prue collection really stands out from the crowd. The range featuring a beautiful palette of joyful tones inspired by Dame Prue Leith’s love of colour, showcased on classic spectacle designs. 

Tiffany & Co 

The name Tiffany & Co instantly conjures up images of glamour, luxury and style, and the brand’s eyewear collection certainly reflects this.   

Made with precise craftsmanship, sleek shaping, and the odd splash of the iconic Tiffany blue, the range offers the high degree of quality you would expect from this world-renowned brand. 

Walter & Herbert 

Stylish, sophisticated and a whole lot of fun – Walter & Herbert glasses will make sure your eyewear is noticed for all the right reasons. 

Wolf Eyewear 

Wolf Eyewear promises to create high-quality and innovative specs that reveal your wild side! The collection includes a selection of bold, bright frames with plenty of personality, perfect for the fashion-conscious glasses-wearer.

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Prue Leith and Ronit Fürst frames arrive at Patrick & Menzies

Prue Leith and Ronit Fürst frames arrive at Patrick & Menzies Brands Glasses News 2At Patrick & Menzies we pride ourselves on offering a varied selection of spectacle frames, with options to suit all tastes and styles.

So, we are excited to announce we have added two new collections to our range which are sure to be popular with our patients.

Specs by Prue 

If you are a fan of The Great British Bake Off you will no doubt have admired the striking glasses frames worn by presenter, restauranteur and chef Dame Prue Leith. 

Her iconic eyewear is bold, bright and joyful. And now you can emulate the look with MAC Eyewear’s Specs by Prue collection. 

Selected frames from the collection, which range in colour from the brightest pinks to the deepest greens, are now available in our Manningtree and Brightlingsea branches and we just know they are going to be popular. 

Prue Leith and Ronit Fürst frames arrive at Patrick & Menzies Brands Glasses NewsTalking about the collection Prue explained: “I think of specs as an accessory! I don’t feel right without them.” 

She continued: “”I would rather spend money on glasses (and necklaces) than shoes and handbags that spend most of the time under tables. 

“I need specs to see, but even if I didn’t, I would still wear them.” 

Ronit Fürst frames

Prue Leith and Ronit Fürst frames arrive at Patrick & Menzies Brands Glasses News 1If you are looking for unique glasses frames that truly stand out from the crowd Ronit Fürst is the brand for you. 

Each pair of glasses is painted by hand – yes you read that correctly! They are designed to look different from every angle and include a beautiful level of fine detail. 


Supplier MAC Eyewear explained: “Looking closely one can actually see the paintbrush strokes and the texture of the paint, just like a painting on canvas. After the painting is completed the frames undergo a special coating procedure, which will give it it’s finished look – crystal shiny or sandy matt – and which also protects the painting from dirt and other unwanted effects.” 

These frames will be the perfect match for anyone looking for something a little quirky and individual that truly captures their personality.

They make a perfect second pair to wear on those days when you want to add that extra impact to your look. Again, a selection of frames from the Ronit Fürst range is available now from our Brightlingsea and Manningtree branches. 

If you are worried about your vision or are due a regular check-up get in touch today to book an appointment. We have branches in Braintree, Brightlingsea, Manningtree and Mersea.

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Making the move to varifocals

Varifocal lenses offer a practical solution for people who need glasses to correct both their near and distance vision. Instead of switching between two pairs you get all the help you need in one.

Technically known as progressive lenses, they vary in power depending which part you are looking through. They are fitted so that, for distance vision you look through the top 

of the lens and as your gaze moves down the lens power changes, with the correct prescription for reading towards the bottom of the lens. There is no jump between the two as with bifocals.

The team at Patrick & Menzies will spend time talking to you about how you will use your glasses to judge which lenses will work best for you.

How do varifocals work?

Varifocal lenses have surfaces made to a complicated curvature. The top (distance) area on the lens will be relatively flat and as you move down the lens becomes more curved to give the different reading power. When you look towards the lower edges of the lenses you may notice your view looks distorted, more so the further you get to the edge. This can take some adaptation; however most people adapt very well, especially if the lens is of good quality and your frames are well fitted.

What’s the benefit?

For many people with both distance and near prescriptions, swapping between two pairs of glasses just isn’t practical. For example, if you work as a receptionist, you may repeatedly need to switch between using a computer and helping customers. Even if you are just shopping you would need glasses to see where you are going and a different pair when looking at items on the shelves.

Is it hard to adjust to varifocals?

When you start wearing varifocals, they do feel different to single vison spectacles, all of a sudden you have to learn to look through the right section of the lens. But remember, 

lens manufacturers have been designing and refining these lenses since 1959, studying 

people’s behaviour and exactly how they use their glasses. These days varifocals are 

easier to adapt to than ever before. Like any change there is normally a period of adjustment, but people often over-worry about varifocals, and then find it much easier than they imagined.

If you are wearing your glasses for most of the day, you should find you have adapted to varifocals within a couple of weeks of constant wear. If you are still having significant problems after two weeks of wearing them then come back to see us so we can understand what is going on and how we can help solve the issue.

I use a computer a lot – are varifocals right for me?

People who spend a lot of time working at a screen may find that occupational progressive lenses work better for them. They are similar to varifocals in that the strength changes increases the further you move down the lens, but they have a wider section for near vision and are great if you need to switch between looking from your desk to your screen. However, you will need a second pair of glasses if you also have a distance prescription.

Can I get varifocal contact lenses?

Yes! They are known as multifocal contact lenses and are very popular. Get in touch to find out more.

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Top tips if you are new to wearing glasses

If you have just been prescribed your very first pair of glasses, it’s helpful if you can get into good habits from day one, whether it be cleaning them, keeping them safe or even just remembering to wear them! 

Even though your specs are sure to improve your vision, it can take a while to make them part of your daily routine, especially if you don’t need to wear them all the time. So, we have some top tips to help make it easy to adjust. 

Start as you mean to go on
You cannot ‘overwear’ your glasses, so despite it sounding obvious, if you have been prescribed glasses then make sure you actually wear them! Your eyes won’t get lazy, and neither will your focussing muscles when you wear your specs. 

If you need to wear your glasses all the time, keep them by the side of your bed so you can slip them on as soon as you get up. This can help you to adjust to your new view of the world more quickly and with fewer symptoms, while also helping you to remember to wear them! 

For those who only need to wear their glasses in specific circumstances, such as for driving, reading or screen work, then choose a logical place to keep them so they are close at hand each time you carry out that task. Lots of people also have multiple pairs, so they always have a driving pair at hand in the car for example, or extra near vision specs on their desk. Storing your specs in the same place each time you take them off will also help make sure you don’t lose them

Keep up with the cleaning
If you get into the routine of keeping your glasses clean from day one you are much more likely to stick to it. It really doesn’t take long and will help make sure your vision is the best it can be. Our blog will help put you on the right track.

Treat frames with respect!
When you buy a new pair of glasses you are investing in your vision and your quality of life, so make sure you know how to care for them. Simple things can make all the difference like making sure you don’t rest them down on the lenses and avoiding pushing them up onto the top of your head. Glasses lead a hard life, look after them.

Invest in a spare pair
A spare pair of glasses is a great investment. Then if the worst does happen and they break, or you lose them then at least you have a fallback option. 

Uncomfy? Let us know
Both when you choose your frames and when you collect them our dispensing optician will check and adjust them to make sure they fit correctly. However, if either the lenses or the frames feel uncomfortable once you start wearing your glasses, please do get in touch. It’s always better for us to know sooner rather than later so we can make any necessary adjustments. 

Help for young glasses wearers
It can be a little trickier to convince children who have glasses for the first time to wear their specs. But if you need a little more help then check out our blog on this topic.


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Top tips to take care of your specs

When you last bought a pair a new pair of glasses you probably spent a good amount of time searching for the perfect frames and selecting the right lenses – after all you are investing in your vision.

But even if you start out with the very best intentions it’s easy to let every day distractions get in the way and care of your specs start to slip.

So, we have come up with some top tips to help you keep your glasses in great condition with ease.

Store your glasses safely

How often do you find yourself hunting for your glasses because you can’t remember where you last put them? You’re not alone! Simple tricks such as choosing a set place to keep them when they’re not in use or investing in a brightly coloured case you can easily spot can help. And if you still struggle then it’s probably time to think about buying a spare pair so you have a fallback option! If you have an up-to-date prescription, just book an appointment with our dispensing optician and we can help you find the perfect extra pair.

Clean up your act!

Vow to be gone with smudges and fingerprints on your lenses and commit to keeping your glasses clean. Check out our blog for a quick guide to cleaning your specs.

Rest your specs down safely 

Try to avoid resting your glasses on the lenses as this can lead to scratches. All of our frames come with a case, so you have somewhere safe to put them when you’re not wearing them.

If they are broken, get them fixed!

Sometimes accidents happen. Maybe the nose pad has fallen off or the sides are getting a little loose. Rather than waiting for your next check-up, just phone your local branch and we will do our best to make them as good as new.

Don’t put your glasses on the top of your head

As tempting as it may be, resist the urge to push your glasses onto the top of your head when you don’t need to wear them. Over time, this will bend the sides out of shape and make them feel loose. 

Vision changed? Book an appointment

If you are concerned about your vision or feel there has been a change to your eyesight, get in touch with us as soon as possible to book an appointment. You can either book over the phone or book online.

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Timeless tortoiseshell frames that never go out of fashion

Chic and stylish, tortoiseshell glasses frames will never go out of fashion. 

Traditionally this design features warming colours in a mottled pattern that mimics a tortoise’s shell. 

Originally, they would have been made from actual tortoiseshell, but today they simply take inspiration from this beautiful natural form. 

A timeless choice, tortoiseshell frames look great on both men and women and suit pretty much any colouring. 

As with all classic designs, there are now many alternative takes on this style and we stock a wide range of tortoiseshell inspired frames at Patrick & Menzies. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Emporio Armani 3154 

Timeless tortoiseshell frames that never go out of fashion GlassesThe fiery flecks of these Emporio Armani frames coupled with the rounded shaping accentuate the eyes perfectly. The design is alive with colour making them a fantastic choice if you love statement eyewear.

Find out more >


Episode 260 

Timeless tortoiseshell frames that never go out of fashion Glasses 1There’s so much to love about these specs from Episode. Warming tortoiseshell blends to a dark pinky purple as you move down the lens. This standout design brings a wholly modern twist to the classic tortoiseshell look.

Find out more >


Polo 2205-5003 

Timeless tortoiseshell frames that never go out of fashion Glasses 2A much more pared back approach to the tortoiseshell look, these Polo frames still feature mottled colouring, but with a darker palette, perfect if you prefer an uncomplicated look.

Find out more > 


Tiffany 2176 

Timeless tortoiseshell frames that never go out of fashion Glasses 3Fans of the Tiffany & Co brand will fall in love when they see these specs. Taking a bold approach to tortoiseshell, the traditional warm brown tones are mixed with lighter beiges alongside the stunning blue the brand is so well known for. Cat eye shaping completes this pair of sophisticated specs.

Find out more >


Versace 3261

Timeless tortoiseshell frames that never go out of fashion Glasses 4Thin tortoiseshell frames are coupled with embossed metal sides to create this contemporary design from Versace. As you would expect from this stylish brand the combination works perfectly.  

Find out more >


Walter & Herbert-Stubbs

Timeless tortoiseshell frames that never go out of fashion Glasses 5These chunky frames from Walter & Herbert are some of our favourites. They feature the kind of colouring you would expect from tortoiseshell designs, but the different shades are blended creating a more fluid, flowing look. The warm colouring and strong shaping combine to create the kind of quality you would expect from this creative eyewear brand.

Find out more >


Looking for your next pair of glasses? You can browse a wide selection of frames available at Patrick & Menzies from the comfort of your home. 

If you are worried about your vision or are due a regular check-up get in touch today to book an appointment. We have branches in Braintree, Brightlingsea, Manningtree and Mersea.

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Tap into timeless style with half rim frames

Lightweight and stylish, half rimmed glasses are so versatile, suiting both formal and laid back looks.

Originally the half rim, known in the optical word as a supra, was dreamt up to take some of the weight out spectacle frames, with the frame just supporting the top portion of the lens, leaving the lower part uncovered.

They continue to be a firm favourite today, even though modern materials have resulted in lighter frames all round. 

And when you take a look at the range of half rim frames we have available at Patrick & Menzies it’s easy to see why. This style choice takes on many different forms, though whatever colour or shaping you choose there is something really sophisticated about the half rim look.

These pared back specs often prove popular with people who like their glasses to be a little more subtle and less visible, and they are a real hit when it comes to comfort too, particularly suiting people with diamond or triangular face shapes.

With less support provided to the lens, you do have to take maybe just a little more care of your frames, but it’s well worth it for the timeless style they offer. Read on to find out more about some of our favourite half rim frames available from Patrick & Menzies.

Tap into timeless style with half rim frames Glasses

With rounded shaping, these silver specs offer a barely there look which would be a great option for those who feel less comfortable wearing glasses.

Find out more >>

Tap into timeless style with half rim frames Glasses 1

You can trust Lulu Guinness to create frames with style. The smooth shaping of these black half rim frames takes on an almost cat eye style – a classic design which will look fantastic either for work or social wear.

Find out more >>

Tap into timeless style with half rim frames Glasses 2

Smart and serious, these black Flexon frames mean business! We love the confident shaping of these specs, which would look fantastic on people with a rounder face shape. Flexon frames are made from titanium which, the brand boasts, is more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals.

Find out more >>

Tap into timeless style with half rim frames Glasses 3

We love the zebra stripe sides of these Anton Phillips glasses frames. Coupled with silver half rims, it’s a look which will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Find out more >>

Tap into timeless style with half rim frames Glasses 4

Although metal seems to be the material of choice for many half rim frames, it’s certainly not the only option as these bold, bright frames from Wolf Eyewear show. We love the geometric design and the soft curve of the rim over the top of the lenses.

Find out more >>

Did you know you can browse a large selection of the frames available at Patrick & Menzies from the comfort of your home?

If you are worried about your vision or are due a regular check-up get in touch today to book an appointment. We have branches in Braintree, Brightlingsea, Manningtree and Mersea.

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Fitting your glasses frames so they work for you

At Patrick & Menzies, our dispensing opticians take all the time that’s needed to ensure our patients are comfortable in their glasses and their vision is the best it can be. 

And if you have ever had a pair of glasses that doesn’t fit very well you will truly appreciate our team’s attention to detail! 

While our optometrists will examine your eyes and determine your prescription, the dispensing optician will translate the numbers on your prescription into lenses and eyewear that will meet your visual and lifestyle needs. 

Patrick & Menzies Partner and Dispensing Optician Dan Edwards explained: “My job is to make sure we create eyewear that fits the patient properly and enhances their vision. We want our patients to be happy that their glasses look and feel right.” 

Once you have had your eye exam you will then see the dispensing optician if you need glasses for the first time, there is a change to your lens prescription, if your glasses are wearing out and need replacing, or if you just fancy a change in look.

Dan explained: “First I’ll talk to the patient about what they need their glasses to do – maybe they need them for driving or they have a special requirement for their work. If they have had glasses before we will talk about how they got on with them, and if there is anything we can do to improve that.  

This helps us to make sure the final glasses are the optimum solution for the patient.” 

Then it’s time to choose some frames from the broad array we stock at Patrick & Menzies. Although choosing glasses that fit your style is important there are other factors to consider, too. 

Dan explained: “The frames must also be able to hold the lenses correctly so they can do the best job. 

Usually, we try to find frames which fit well straight from the shelf – if too many adjustments are needed, they probably aren’t the right ones for you.” 

Basic adjustments may be made to make sure they sit correctly and then measurements are taken to ensure the lenses align properly with the eyes. The more complex the lenses or prescription, the more measurements required. 

The dispensing optician will also talk through any lens treatments which may be helpful such as scratch resistant or reflection-free lenses. 

Around 10 days later your glasses will be ready to collect at a dispensing appointment where we will recap the lenses and frames we have created and get you to try them on. 

Dan explained: “Lots of lenses come with yellow fitting marks on the lenses so the dispensing optician can check the fit and alignment. Don’t worry – we will clean it off once we have made sure you are comfortable! 

“We will then check the patient’s vision with the new lenses to make sure they are seeing as well as they possibly can.  

“If you are new to glasses or you have had a significant change to your prescription it can take a little time to get used to your new glasses. Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks for you to get used to them, but we always ask our patients to let us know if they are experiencing problems with their lenses sooner rather than later so we can make any necessary adjustments.”

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Inspiration for your next set of specs

When it comes to picking out your next pair of glasses it can be hard to know where to begin. Often, it’s tempting to just go for a duplicate of your current pair, or something very similar. But if you are in the mood for mixing things up a little, we are here to help! 

At Patrick & Menzies we stock a fantastic range of frames, many of which are available to view on our website, so you can start drawing up your shortlist from the comfort of your home. 

There are many factors that can influence which frames suit you most such as hair colour and your general style. The main thing to consider though is the shape of your face. As a rule of thumb, opt for the opposite type of shaping to your face – so if you have a rounder face think angled frames, or if you have a square jawline try oval glasses to accentuate your shaping. 

Read on for a quick guide to help you work out your own face shape, plus some top frame suggestions for glasses that will accentuate your structure.

Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses Heart shaping  

Sometimes described as an upside-down triangle, your face will gently taper to a more pointed chin. When it comes to choosing glasses, search out oval or rimless frames. We love these barely-there specs from Silhouette. The subtle design around the edge really accentuates the eye.


Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses 1Oblong shaping 

An oblong face will be narrow and longer than it is wide. Square, angular frames such as this striking pair from Ray-Ban really fit the bill.


Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses 2

Oval shaping 

With no dominant feature, your face is well-balanced with defined cheekbones. This is quite possibly the luckiest of all face shapes when it comes to eyewear as pretty much any frames will suit you!  With a free pass to pick from the entire collection of Patrick & Menzies specs we couldn’t resist recommending these gorgeous frames from Tiffany. Cat eye shaping, metal sides and a hint of Tiffany blue help these sleek black frames pack a punch in the style department. 


Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses 3Round shaping 

You have wide cheekbones and a softly curving face which is around the same size at the forehead as it is at the jaw. Strong angles are the way to go for you, with square and rectangular frames offering balance to your face shape, such as these chunky black frames from Wolf Eyewear.


Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses 4Square shaping 

If you have a square jawline and broad forehead your face shape would be classed as square. Opt for the opposite when it comes to glasses frames, choosing round or oval shaping to complement your angled features. These tortoiseshell frames from Walter & Herbert would be the perfect choice.

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Make a style statement with black frames

Smart and serious, black frames can create a striking look. Think Ryan Reynolds, Idris Elba, Courteney Cox, Oprah… the list of famous people who rock black glasses frames goes on. 

And the great thing is they really do suit pretty much everyone, no matter your hair colour or skin tone.  

Plus, black will work with most style choices, from fashion forward to vintage, while giving a professional, sophisticated vibe when teamed with office-wear. 

So, whether you like a bold chunky frame or something slimmer and more lightweight, we have plenty to choose from at Patrick & Menzies! Read on to find out more about some of our favourite black frames currently in stock at our four North Essex branches. 

Emporio Armani 3079 

EMPORIO ARMANI - 3079 - 5042 11Quality and style go hand in hand when you invest in a pair of Emporio Armani glasses frames, and there are plenty of options to choose from. We love the soft curve of this design. Simple yet sophisticated these glasses give a nod towards ever-popular cat-eye shaping which always looks fantastic in black.
Find out more >


Lulu Guinness l915 

LULU GUINNESS - L915 - BLC 11These glasses from Lulu Guinness are seriously stylish. Plain black from the front with a pop of pattern on the sides, they have plenty of personality as you would expect from this exciting eyewear brand. 

Find out more >



POLO - 2115 - 5001 11If you have a rounder face shape, then these rectangular frames from Polo would be a fantastic investment, proving that you don’t need to opt for a bold colour choice to find frames which will help accentuate your eyes. And if you aren’t sure what shape your face is, our recent blog can help.
Find out more > 


Rayban 7073-2077 

RAYBAN - 7073 - 2077 11Looking for black frames that are a little more lightweight? Then this pair of specs from Ray-Ban are the answer! The exciting design in a mix of materials is striking for all the right reasons, as you would expect from this world-class brand. 

Find out more >


Anton Phillips 1023-matt-black

ANTON PHILLIPS - 1023 - MATT BLACK When it comes to black frames it doesn’t always have to mean acetate. These metal frames from Anton Philips are a great choice if you love the simplicity of black but you don’t want an overly bold look. 

Find out more >


Did you know you can browse the current selection of black glasses frames available at Patrick & Menzies from the comfort of your home?

If you are worried about your vision or are due a regular check-up get in touch today to book an appointment. We have branches in Braintree, Brightlingsea, Manningtree and Mersea.    


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