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Inspiration for your next set of specs

When it comes to picking out your next pair of glasses it can be hard to know where to begin. Often, it’s tempting to just go for a duplicate of your current pair, or something very similar. But if you are in the mood for mixing things up a little, we are here to help! 

At Patrick & Menzies we stock a fantastic range of frames, many of which are available to view on our website, so you can start drawing up your shortlist from the comfort of your home. 

There are many factors that can influence which frames suit you most such as hair colour and your general style. The main thing to consider though is the shape of your face. As a rule of thumb, opt for the opposite type of shaping to your face – so if you have a rounder face think angled frames, or if you have a square jawline try oval glasses to accentuate your shaping. 

Read on for a quick guide to help you work out your own face shape, plus some top frame suggestions for glasses that will accentuate your structure.

Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses Heart shaping  

Sometimes described as an upside-down triangle, your face will gently taper to a more pointed chin. When it comes to choosing glasses, search out oval or rimless frames. We love these barely-there specs from Silhouette. The subtle design around the edge really accentuates the eye.


Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses 1Oblong shaping 

An oblong face will be narrow and longer than it is wide. Square, angular frames such as this striking pair from Ray-Ban really fit the bill.


Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses 2

Oval shaping 

With no dominant feature, your face is well-balanced with defined cheekbones. This is quite possibly the luckiest of all face shapes when it comes to eyewear as pretty much any frames will suit you!  With a free pass to pick from the entire collection of Patrick & Menzies specs we couldn’t resist recommending these gorgeous frames from Tiffany. Cat eye shaping, metal sides and a hint of Tiffany blue help these sleek black frames pack a punch in the style department. 


Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses 3Round shaping 

You have wide cheekbones and a softly curving face which is around the same size at the forehead as it is at the jaw. Strong angles are the way to go for you, with square and rectangular frames offering balance to your face shape, such as these chunky black frames from Wolf Eyewear.


Inspiration for your next set of specs Glasses 4Square shaping 

If you have a square jawline and broad forehead your face shape would be classed as square. Opt for the opposite when it comes to glasses frames, choosing round or oval shaping to complement your angled features. These tortoiseshell frames from Walter & Herbert would be the perfect choice.

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Supporting your move to contact lenses

Thinking of trying out contact lenses? We spoke to our Contact Lens Optician Sam Culham to find out what to expect when you decide to explore whether lenses are the right option for you. 

What’s the first step to trying out contact lenses? 

The next time you are in for an eye exam, mention to the optometrist that you would like to try contact lenses and they will check your prescription to see whether it’s possible – in most cases it is. Alternatively, if you have recently had an eye exam just give us a call to check you are compatible. 

You can then book a tolerance appointment where our contact lens optician will check everything is ok to put a pair of lenses in. We will then fit you with a pair of prescription lenses and you can go and have a wander for half an hour to see if they are comfy and test out how your vision feels. This appointment is free of charge. 

What happens next? 

If you decide they are for you, we will book you in for a further one-hour appointment where we will help you learn how to put the lenses in and take them out.  

When you wear contact lenses there is an increased risk of eye infections, so we will take the time to talk through how to handle your lenses hygienically. 

You will be given a short supply of your prescription lenses to try over the next few weeks. 

How soon do I need to come back in? 

We will book you in for a follow up appointment a few weeks later to check how you’re getting on. Then on average we see patients every six months if they are a frequent lens wearer or every 12 months if they wear them infrequently. For these appointments it’s important you come wearing your lenses unless you are having an issue with them. We will check the prescription and fit are working well and make sure the lenses aren’t causing any issues. 

You will still need to have a regular eye examination as we just focus on the front of the eye at the contact lens appointment. 

Are contact lenses suitable for everyone? 

It’s possible to source contact lenses for most prescriptions – for example there are options available for people with astigmatism or those who need multifocal lenses for reading and distance vision. 

However, there may be some medical conditions which make contact lenses unsuitable or situations where people just don’t like the feel of them. For example, if you suffer from dry eyes you may not be able to wear them as much as you would like. 

Some people find they feel squeamish about using contact lenses, though we will take the time to help you learn how to put them in and take them out which can help in this case. 

What contact lenses do you stock? 

As an independent optician we can source contact lenses from any supplier. We regularly use the major manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue, Coopervision and Alcon but can also source from smaller companies who can make more complex prescriptions and bespoke lenses.  

Our most popular lenses are daily disposables. They are convenient as they need no cleaning – you wear them once and then throw them away. However other options are available including two weekly, monthly and yearly lenses. Each has different cleaning requirements, but we will talk you through this when you come to your initial appointment. 

Can I switch between wearing contact lenses and glasses? 

Absolutely! Many people we see choose just to wear contact lenses for social occasions or when they want to vary their look, while others who aren’t so happy in specs will wear their contact lenses most of the time.  

Considering contact lenses? Give us a call to book an appointment.

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