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Brand Spotlight | Anton Phillips

At Patrick & Menzies we pride ourselves on offering our customers a superb range of high-quality frames.

So, when we come across a brand like Anton Phillips we couldn’t be happier!

The Anton Phillips range is truly diverse and has fantastic options for both men and women. Made of pure titanium, these are top quality, lightweight glasses which ooze timeless style.

Whether you are searching for classic metal frames or a more unique or colourful look, there is something to choose from.

It was tough, but we have picked out our top five pairs from this exciting range. Read on to find out more.



Brand Spotlight | Anton Phillips

The intense blue of this frame really makes a statement. Couple with metal sides and you have a pair of specs that’s really special.



Brand Spotlight | Anton Phillips

Half rim metal frame, finished off with a beautiful zebra stripe on the sides, adding personality and style without being too showy.



Brand Spotlight | Anton Phillips News

This round metal rimmed frame is a great take on a classic design. It would particularly suit anyone with a square or oval face shape.



Brand Spotlight | Anton Phillips

Almost like wood grain, the intricate pattern of this frame is stunning. The muted colouring works particularly well and offers contemporary style which won’t go out of fashion.



Brand Spotlight | Anton Phillips

As glasses-wearers know, your choice of frames can say a lot about you! So, if you want a look that screams modern sophistication, then these deep purple specs will be perfect for you. Best of all the classic shaping will suit most faces.

View the complete range of Anton Phillips frames we currently have in stock.

Did you know you can now browse a wide selection of our frames from the comfort of your own home via a new section on our website? Just click here to have a look. You can then pick out which pairs you would like to try on before you come in for your eye test.

Obviously, we don’t have all frames available at all times in all of our stores, but we are always happy to help, so if there’s a particular style you’re interested in, just let us know.

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Top tips to encourage children to wear their specs

As any parent knows getting your child to do what’s good for them isn’t always easy.

Being told your child needs to wear glasses is a case in point. Despite there being very real advantages to the child in terms of improved vision, getting them to actually wear their specs may be a little trickier than it sounds.

So, we have come up with a few handy tips to help make your life easier.

Explain the benefits

Many parents will have already talked to their child about why they should have their eyes checked regularly before they first come in for an eye test. Once the need for glasses has been identified, it’s even more important for your child to understand how to look after their eyes and why wearing specs will improve their vision. Don’t underestimate their capacity to take on board this information. For children who are short-sighted, once they try their glasses on they immediately experience for themselves how much better they can see which may in itself be enough to convince them. Long-sighted children often have a little more difficulty as the benefits are more subtle and take a little more time to ‘feel’, however they are no less life changing and important.


Choose frames they love

Choosing a pair of frames your child loves will go a long way to making sure they want to wear them.

Children’s glasses frames have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Forget the dull standard issue frames of the past and think bright, fun and comfy glasses to match your child’s personality and style.

At Patrick & Menzies we have a great variety of children’s frames so there is sure to be a style that they will love.


Comfort and fit is key

These are so important to making sure people of all ages – especially children – wear their glasses when they need them. If your specs don’t fit properly, they will more than likely spend much of their time in the case. At Patrick & Menzies we take the time to make sure all our frames are fitted with the care and attention needed to ensure they are comfy to wear.


Find good influences

Depending on the age of your child, there are plenty of famous faces who show it’s easy to look great in glasses – from Harry Potter to Clark Kent and Katy Perry in her stylish cat eye specs.

For younger children it may prove useful to watch the episode of CBeebies’ favourites Topsy and Tim where Tim gets his first pair of glasses [BBC iPlayer – Topsy and Tim – Series 3: 8. New Glasses]. There are lots of great story books about wearing glasses, too such as Charlie and Lola’s I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses or Douglas, You Need Glasses by Ged Adamson.

And of course, there may be other glasses wearers in your family who act as real-life role models.


Talk to the teachers

If your child is of school age, have a chat to their teacher when they are first prescribed glasses to let them know when your child is meant to be wearing their specs. It’s quite normal for your child to simply forget about their glasses when they are brand new, so having someone around who can remind them can prove invaluable.


To book an eye test for your child, contact your nearest branch of Patrick & Menzies today.



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