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A whole rainbow of frames to suit your style

At Patrick & Menzies we know how important it is for our customers to choose the right glasses. 

While it’s essential to ensure your chosen specs are comfortable and suit your prescription, you also need to find a pair that you feel fits your look.  

After all if you don’t love your glasses, you are less likely to wear them as much as you should. 

Increasingly glasses-wearers are realising the benefit of having multiple pairs of frames that they can switch between depending on the occasion or what they are wearing. A collection like this might include a classic pair of glasses for daily wear with a few more daring picks for evenings out or days where you want to make a statement. 

Whether you choose to have a selection of specs or just one pair, we have a whole rainbow of options available, alongside classic neutral designs and ever-popular metal frames.   

Read on to find out more about some of our favourite colourful frames. 

Lulu Gui


Dare to be different with these bold red frames from Lulu Guinness which are sure to add a splash of colour to your look. Although standout, the red of these specs is slightly muted, creating a sophisticated look. 



A whole rainbow of frames to suit your style News 1


Bold, bright and with a tropical vibe, these Wolf Eyewear glasses frames make us dream of sipping cocktails on a palm fringed beach!  


A whole rainbow of frames to suit your style News 2

You can trust Walter & Herbert to create eyewear that’s a cut above the rest, and this modern twist on the classic tortoiseshell certainly doesn’t disappoint. We love the warm tones combined with the chunky frame. 


A whole rainbow of frames to suit your style News 3


This pair of kids frames from Ray-Ban offer the perfect balance of serious black around the lenses with a flash of mint green along the sides.  


A whole rainbow of frames to suit your style News 4


These Mattisse frames are real showstoppers thanks to their round shaping and vivid blue tone, broken up with a speckled black line design. The two-tone sides are the icing on the cake. 


A whole rainbow of frames to suit your style News 5


In cool purple, the thin line of these Cameo frames is fresh and vibrant. We love the classic shaping, too. 


Looking for your next pair of glasses? You can browse a wide selection of frames available at Patrick & Menzies from the comfort of your home.

If you are worried about your vision or are due a regular check-up get in touch today to book an appointment. We have branches in Braintree, Brightlingsea, Manningtree and Mersea. 

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