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Wear sunglasses for year-round protection

Do you tuck your sunglasses away at the end of the summer, only digging them out again when the weather gets warmer, or you head off on holiday? If so, there are some very important reasons why you should change this habit today!

Benefits of sunglasses year-round

Wearing sunglasses year-round is one of the easiest things you can do to help look after your eyes. The tinted lenses in a pair of sunglasses are designed to cut out the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV) providing protection not only for your eyes, but also the eyelids and the skin around them.

Excessive or prolonged exposure to UV rays over the years can damage the eyes, potentially leading to problems such as early cataracts and macular degeneration.

It’s even more important for people with very blue or pale coloured eyes to wear sunglasses as they are more sensitive to light and therefore face a higher risk of experiencing sun damage.

Advice for all ages

We’re not just talking about adults here! As most damage caused by UV light takes place over years, it can be of real benefit for children to get used to wearing sunglasses from a young age.

Most sunglasses offer full UV protection, cutting out UV to a level required by law. You can check they comply with these regulations by making sure they are labelled with the CE and/or UKCA Mark.

As well as providing protection from harmful UV rays, sunglasses can also help to make your vision more comfortable.

During the winter glare can be a real issue – for example in the afternoon when the sun is low or when bright rays reflect off snow or puddles. This dazzle, which can lead to eyestrain or headaches can be greatly reduced with the right pair of sunglasses.

Top tips for sunglasses shopping

  • Comfort is key – make sure your chosen pair is comfy both when it comes to the fit of the frames and the tint of the lens.
  • From grey and blue to green and brown, standard or polarised, sunglass lenses come in many different colours and finding the right one for you will just be down to personal preference. Try on a variety to help you find the most comfortable tint.
  • Planning to wear your sunglasses when driving? Make sure you pick frames that don’t obscure your vision and lenses that aren’t too dark.
  • Try to go sunglasses shopping on a sunny day so you can give them a proper test.

At Patrick & Menzies we stock a great variety of sunglasses. Whichever pair you choose they can be made to your prescription, are properly UV filtered and will be fitted with as much care and attention as your regular glasses.







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