Enjoy the convenience of contact lenses

Our experienced team are here to help you get the most from your vision

Contact lenses are a convenient option for many people, and as an independent optician we can source lenses from any supplier. Our team will take the time to help you choose the right lens type for your eyes, ensuring you achieve the most comfortable solution and the best vision possible. 

The benefits of contact lenses

Contact lenses are the obvious choice if you don’t like the look of spectacles but need help correcting your vision. They’re also great if you play sports. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t switch between the two, giving you the chance to pick the most convenient option for the day ahead, and change your look for different occasions.  

Plus, many people find that their general vision is better with contact lenses as they don’t have spectacle frames getting in the way. 

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Whether you decide you want to wear contact lenses every day, or just occasionally we can find an option to suit. Pick from daily, fortnightly, monthly or even yearly replacements – we can talk you through the benefits of each.

Sourcing the right solution

We supply lenses from all the major manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, Coopervision and Alcon, as well as from smaller companies who can make more complex prescriptions and bespoke lenses. 

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Are contact lenses for me?

In the vast majority of cases, yes!

We can cater for most prescriptions. Options are available for people with more complicated prescriptions such as those with astigmatism or people who need multifocal lenses for reading and distance vision.

How we make a difference

When you first start using contact lenses you may have questions or concerns and at Patrick & Menzies we take the time to listen. Customers love our personal service and the time we take to make sure that your contact lenses work for you. 

Generally, you will see the same person for all your contact lens appointments, and you will be given plenty of time to talk through any queries or issues you are having with your lenses. 

You can set up a regular order so you never run out of lenses and choose whether you want to pick them up from your local Patrick & Menzies branch or have them delivered to your home – whatever is easiest for you.

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Contact Lens Optician

Sam Culham  – FBDO CL

Making the move to contact lenses

Next steps

If you are interested in making the move to contact lenses, give us a call to book an appointment with our Contact Lens Optician. You will need to have had a recent eye examination and current prescription. 

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At your appointment we will fit you with lenses in line with your prescription and you will be able to spend a little time testing out how they work for you.

We will also talk you through the all-important hygiene requirements when you are handling your lenses. This appointment is free of charge. 

If all goes well, we will book a further one-hour session where we will teach you how to put your lenses in and take them out, and you will be given a short supply of your prescription lenses to try over the next few weeks. This appointment costs £27.50

A pair of hands, one holding a contact lens on the tip of a finger, the other holding the storage case.

A final, follow-up appointment will then take place to check how you are getting on and the lenses are working well for you this costs £27.50. You now will have a valid contact lens prescription. 

Contact lens wearers need ongoing, regular check-ups. On average we see patients every 6-12 months. Most of our patients join our VisionPlan Gold scheme which covers the costs of these, and all other other appointments, as often as you need us.

Ongoing support for our contact lens patients

Sourcing lenses

We source contact lenses from major manufacturers and smaller specialist companies, to find the perfect fit for you.


Our VisionPlan scheme allows you to spread the cost of your contact lenses, appointments and prescription changes throughout the year.

Keeping healthy

Our team will make sure you have all the information you need to help keep your lenses clean and avoid infections.

Extra lenses

Special occasion coming up where you want to wear your lenses more than usual? Give us a call.

Repeat ordering

Set up a regular order with us to make sure you always have contact lenses when you need them.

Expert advice

We’re here for you if you have concerns about your contact lenses. Just call to book an appointment.

Your eyecare is covered with VisionPlan

Our VisionPlan Gold scheme has been designed with contact lens wearers in mind, allowing you to spread the cost of your fittings and regular checks throughout the year, from just £11 a month.

Need more information?

Please note this service is for general enquires only.

 Any medical or urgent enquires should be made directly to us in person or by phone.