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Eye care when working from home

Working from home has become the new normal for many people over the past year.

At first there were the struggles of getting to grips with Zoom, finding a space within the home where there was peace and quiet and making sure the wifi worked.

But even more important is the need to make sure you are looking after your eyes, especially as home working looks set to continue well into 2021 for many people.


Limit glare

Glare on your computer screen can lead to eye strain so while you are working try to position your computer so you are side on to a window.

You might need to shift this around slightly for video calls, ideally positioning your computer so you face natural light to avoid appearing in silhouette, or looking ill or tired.

For glasses wearers it’s definitely worth considering anti-reflective lenses if you video call a lot as they limit light bouncing between you and your screen, reducing scatter, distracting reflections and giving a less ‘cluttered’ image – helping you see better.


Give your eyes a rest

Don’t forget to take a break from your screen every now and then. As a rule, every 20 minutes look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

And don’t forget to blink! It might sound silly but research has shown that when we stare at screens we tend to blink less which can lead to dry and itchy eyes.


Position your monitor

Make sure that your monitor is in the right position. The College of Optometrists suggests the ideal distance is between 40 and 76 centimetres (16 to 30 inches) from your eyes with the top level with, or slightly below, your eyes. Try to position your screen to avoid any distracting reflections, too.

You can then adjust the brightness, font and the size of the type to suit.


Get your eyes checked

According to a study by The College of Optometrists, one in five adults in the country said they thought their vision had become worse during the first national lockdown, with one in three blaming it on too much screen time.

If you are worried about your vision please do give us a call today and we can arrange an appointment.

At Patrick & Menzies we are working hard to make sure that we can still offer our usual high level of service to our customers, even though the experience may feel a little different due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Don’t forget your specs

It’s all well and good going for a regular eye test, but you really do then need to remember to wear your glasses when you are meant to! If you have specs that are specifically for screen use then leave them on your desk at the end of the working day so you don’t have to spend time tracking them down the following morning.



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Lenses truly tailored to your vision

Our ability to tailor your lenses to make them more responsive to your needs just got even better thanks to our partnership with Nikon.

While all lenses are made to your unique prescription, with Nikon’s help we can now make further refinements to increase just how accurate the lens is once made into a pair of glasses.

Nikon lenses are designed in Japan, using absolute cutting-edge technology. They are then manufactured here in the UK, meaning great turnaround times, reliable supply and top-notch customer service.

Although these more individualised lenses will be particularly useful for varifocal wearers, there are some real advantages when it comes to single vision lenses, too.

Dan Edwards, Patrick & Menzies Partner and Dispensing Optician, explained: “When we examine your eyes and work out what type of prescription you need, we use either a trial frame or a phoropter head. These both contain quite small, very flat, round glass lenses that are positioned at a given distance (normally 10-12mm from the eye) and are quite vertical in front of the eyes. All these parameters affect the overall result of the prescription. When your glasses are made, the lenses are nearly always more curved, bigger and sit at a slightly different distance and angle to the patient. These differences can alter the effective prescription that reaches the back of the eyes, and in some cases detract from the optimum result.

“In most cases the effect is small and not noticeable, and to a certain extent, because this has always been the case in spectacle production, patients have become tolerant to these differences. In some cases, such as strong prescriptions, unusual frame fittings and in particular varifocals, the differences can be quite large and reduce the clarity and field of vision in the spectacles.”

Making more individualised lenses really became possible with the advent of Freeform technology. It gives lens manufacturers the ability to minutely alter the curvature of the lens surface at individual points to make sure lenses truly match measurements taken in the consulting room.

Dan added: “This means we can tell the manufacturer all the different fitting parameters of the frame as it sits on the patient’s face, and they can control the lens surfaces so that they much more accurately match what was given in the consulting room. This gives the patient clearer vision, and a wider, more natural field.

“This is particularly beneficial in varifocal lenses, where the visual field is naturally restricted due to the way the lens has to be made. Any improvement in this area in particular helps to make the lenses feel more normal and help adaptation. The more accurate you can make the lens, and the less error in the periphery, the greater the chance of success, and great vision.”

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Brand Spotlight | Roald Dahl frames from International Eyewear

Searching for some phizz-whizzing, scrumdiddlyumptious specs for your child? Look no further than this amazing range inspired by the work of Roald Dahl.

With World Book Day taking place this month, (4 March) we thought it was high time to take a closer look at this fantastic selection of frames.

From Matilda to The BFG and Fantastic Mr Fox to Charlie and the Chocolate factory, – it’s no wonder Roald Dahl’s stories are treasured by children and adults all over the globe.

International Eyewear has taken inspiration from some of these titles to create an array of bold, bright frames which are sure to make children keen to wear their specs.

Designs feature original Quentin Blake illustrations and quotes from the novels. Each pair is accompanied by a rather special branded case and lens cloth.

So, without further ado let’s take a look at our top five picks from this absolutely squiffling range!

The Enormous Crocodile

Inspired by The Enormous Crocodile, these feature the book’s central character along both of the sides. Dark green and chunky, these glasses are sure to be a firm favourite with children.

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ROALD DAHL - MATILDA RD19 - C2 - Patrick & Menzies ( 

This deep blue frame takes inspiration from Matilda, the story of a brilliant young girl who discovers she has the power to move things with her mind. We love this pair because the rich colouring makes them striking in their own right, while illustrations from the book on the sides are the icing on the cake.

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James and the Giant Peach

Brand Spotlight | Roald Dahl frames from International Eyewear News 1

Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker would hate these glasses – which makes us love them all the more! Inspired by the best-selling James and the Giant Peach, they feature James’ new, strangely loveable, giant insect friends along the sides.

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Fantastic Mr Fox

ROALD DAHL - FANTASTIC FOX RD15 - C1 - Patrick & Menzies ( 

Fantastic Mr Fox is the inspiration for this stylish pair of specs. The warm brown frames give a nod to the book’s central character with the little ear detail on the front.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Wow – these glasses are beautiful. Taking inspiration from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory they look almost good enough to eat! The blue metal frame around the lenses is coupled with striking plastic sides, spiked with colour. The perfect finishing touch is the golden ticket which links the two materials.

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You can take a look at all of the Roald Dahl frames we have in stock – alongside our other superb specs – on our website. Although we don’t have all frames available in all of our stores, we are always happy to help, so if there’s a particular style you’re interested in, just let us know.


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