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Colour focus | Neutral tones

Your glasses make up a central part of your look so selecting your next pair is a really important decision – especially if you need to wear them throughout the day. 

Alongside feeling comfortable in terms of fit, you need to make sure the shape and colouring suit your style. The last thing you want is opt for pair that make you feel self-conscious or out of your comfort zone. 

In previous blogs we have looked at both cool and warm toned frames. This time it’s the turn of neutral frames, which as well as offering timeless style have the added benefit of going with any outfit. So, if you do decide to change your wardrobe, your specs will still look great! 

Here are just some of our favourite pairs of neutral frames in stock at Patrick & Menzies at the moment. 

HERO – 4297

Colour focus | Neutral tones NewsA wood grain-like fleck adds real interest to these natural-toned frames from Hero. They certainly prove than opting for something neutral in colour doesn’t translate to meaning dull.  

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POLO – 2155 

Colour focus | Neutral tones News 1Cool and clear these Polo frames ooze sophistication. The rectangular shaping would really suit someone with a round or oval face (though to be fair people with oval shaping can take their pick as they tend to suit most styles!).  

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Colour focus | Neutral tones News 2The design of these Puccini frames really does help to accentuate the eye. The rich brown split pattern borders the lenses and extends along the sides. Tear drop detailing around the hinge completes the look. 

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Colour focus | Neutral tones News 3
You can rely on Walter & Herbert to create stunning, top-quality frames. This pair combines mottled greys and black with almost cat-eye shaping to create a pair of glasses that are stylish without being showy. 

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Colour focus | Neutral tones News 4
The soft, natural colouring of these Silhouette specs is lifted to another level by thin, dark stripes running across the front of the frames. The interesting design is sure to draw attention to your eyes for all the right reasons. 

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Did you know you can browse our extensive range of frames online? Once you have selected the pair – or pairs – you like, with just the click of a button we can have them ready for you to try on when you come in for your appointment.  And if you need help picking the right frames for your face shape take a read of another of our blogs.  

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Hay fever eyecare

Watery eyes, runny nose, constant sneezing – for many these are signs that summer is on the way and hay fever season has kicked in. 

Starting as early as March in the UK, hay fever season continues throughout the summer, though depending on what you are allergic to you may only suffer from symptoms for a portion of that time. 

But what exactly is hay fever? 

Charlotte Wearmouth, Optometrist and Patrick & Menzies Partner, explained: “Hay fever is essentially an allergic reaction to pollen – mainly either from trees or grass. Usually, you will be exposed to the pollen by breathing it in. The body sees the pollen as something harmful, which triggers your immune system. A chemical called histamine is then released and this causes the blood vessels to widen alongside an increase in mucous production which will leave you feeling congested with a runny nose and watery eyes. 

“Hay fever sufferers often find their eyes also become red and itchy with swelling or puffiness around the eyes caused by inflammation. Generally, if you are suffering from hay fever it will affect both of your eyes, not just one.” 

Even if you haven’t grown up with hay fever, it’s something you can develop in adulthood. And, like other allergies, you can grow out of it too.  

Over the counter treatments are usually the best course of action to combat hay fever symptoms. If you are particularly suffering with eye irritation antihistamine eye drops may ease the discomfort. 

However, Charlotte warns: “If there is no improvement in your dry, itchy, red eyes after taking antihistamines for a week, then you should make an urgent appointment at your opticians to ensure you are not suffering from a different eye condition.” 

Hay fever sufferers may benefit from reducing the amount of they wear contact lenses while experiencing symptoms, especially if using two-weekly or monthly contact lenses.  

“This is because the contact lenses could accumulate allergens over time, and glasses may provide a barrier to protect your eyes from pollen in the air,” Charlotte explained. 

Wearing sunglasses when outside can also help, again providing a barrier to protect your eyes from pollen in the air. You can check out our full range of sunglasses online

If you are concerned about your eyesight please do give us a call to book an appointment. ⠀⠀ 

We are here to look after your eyes, glasses, and contact lenses, with Covid-secure measures in place to keep everyone safe.

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