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Make eyecare your New Year’s resolution

The start of a new year is a great time to think about how you can make changes that will improve your life. So, if you are thinking about the sort of resolution to make for 2022, then we recommend taking the time to focus on your eye health and really make a positive difference. 

Here are some suggestions for eye-related resolutions for the coming year. 

Keep your eyes in check 

Having a regular eye test – usually every couple of years for most adults – is an important part of keeping your vision in check. So, if you are due a check-up please do get in touch to book your next appointment.  

It is definitely worth considering our enhanced examination which allows us to carry out a more in-depth examination with a full explanation when it comes to any issues. 

If you aren’t yet due your usual eye test but spot a significant change to your sight or you are worried about your vision, please do book in as soon as possible rather than wait for your next appointment. Find out more about some common tell-tale signs that you need your eyes checked in our recent blog about Extended Eye Tests.

Give your eyes a rest 

If you are a regular screen user, then the easiest eye-related resolution that will make a real difference is to remember to give your eyes a break. As a rule, every 20 minutes look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. And don’t forget to blink! Research has shown that screen users tend to blink less which can lead to dry and itchy eyes. For more tips on how to look after your eyes while working from home, check out our recent blog: Tell-tale that signs you need your eyes checked.

Stop losing your glasses! 

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find your glasses when you need them. But as most part time specs wearers will have found over time, it is oh-so easy to forget where you have left them! If your resolution is to stop losing your glasses check out our recent blog for some helpful hints.  Or if this feels like a bit of a stretch, why not resolve to invest in a spare pair and increase your chances of being able to find at least one set of specs! If you would like a straight duplicate of a recent order, or if you would like a new style and your prescription is up to date, call us to arrange a dispensing appointment. 

Look after your specs 

If you are a glasses-wearer why not resolve to show a little love to your specs this year? Once you have invested in the perfect pair it doesn’t take a lot to keep them in mint condition. Check out our recent blog for some hints and tips on glasses care


Why not make it your resolution to invest in a good pair of sunglasses, and wear them throughout the year, not just in summer? There are all–year-round benefits to wearing sunglasses which will help to keep your vision at optimal level. Wearing sunglasses helps protect your eyes against the sun’s Ultra-Violet rays which are present all year round. Just like skin your eyes are sensitive to UV rays and it is possible for them to be damaged by the sun. Find out more in our recent blog, benefits of sunglasses.  Plus, you can check out our wide range on sunglasses online. 


  • Please note, this year we will be closed between Christmas and New Year, giving our team a well-earned break after what has been an extremely challenging 22 months. We will be here right up to 1pm on Christmas Eve, reopening at 9am on Tuesday 4 January. 


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It’s all in the detail with this beautiful eyewear

At Patrick & Menzies we love sourcing a wide variety of frames so that our patients have the scope to choose just the right pair for them. 

From metal rims to bold, bright acetate frames, there are plenty of options to consider next time you are in the market for a new set of specs. 

And if you have the time to take a closer look, you will find many of the frames we stock include intricate features which really set them apart from the crowd. 

Here are some of our favourite specs where the added detail should not be missed. 

Jacques-Lamont 1282

It’s all in the detail with this beautiful eyewear News

If the rich violet and mottled black of these frames wasn’t enough to convince you that these are a must when it comes to stylish specs, then the touch of sparkle on the hinge sure will be. This cuff of tiny metal studs sits beautifully alongside the acetate frame. 

Learn more >


Puccini 294

It’s all in the detail with this beautiful eyewear News 3From tiny crystals to embossed metal designs, the Puccini brand is known for its attention to detail, particularly when it comes to the area around the hinge. Here, the design detail along the side adds another dimension to these already pretty perfect frames. Teal really is the colour of the moment, and it looks fantastic here set alongside the black of the frame.

Learn more >


Tiffany 2074 

It’s all in the detail with this beautiful eyewear News 5Even just the name of the Tiffany brand conjures up images of elegance, and the eyewear range certainly doesn’t disappoint. These beautiful frames feature the blue tone synonymous with the brand and this is set off perfectly by the crystal flower detail on the hinge. 

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ZIPS 4498T

It’s all in the detail with this beautiful eyewear News 7Classic metal frames are taken to another level with the diamond shaped design on the sides of these specs. Positioned close to the hinge, the sparkle is set off perfectly by the rose gold colouring of the frames. 

Learn more >


Zoffani 3113

It’s all in the detail with this beautiful eyewear News 8Face on these frames from Zoffani are a fantastic modern take on the ever-popular tortoise shell, with a mix of neutral tones forming an almost striped pattern. Turn to the sides though and they take on a much more glam appearance. A panel of sparkle is sandwiched between rose gold detail to create a pair of glasses with real character. 

Learn more >


Did you know you can browse the range of glasses frames on offer from Patrick & Menzies from the comfort of your home?
Take a look on our frames page. 


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Christmas at Patrick and Menzies

This year we will be closed between Christmas and New Year, giving our team a well earned break after what has been an extremely challenging 22 months.

We will be here right up to 1pm on Christmas Eve, reopening at 9am on Tuesday 4 January for the start of the new year.

We would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Our deepest thanks for your ongoing support during 2021.

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Brand Spotlight | Cameo

Whether you need to wear your glasses all day or just for certain tasks, picking the right frames for you is a really important choice.  

After all, they make up a central part of your look and investing in the right pair – or pairs – make wearing glasses a pleasure not a chore. 

So, when you come across a brand like Cameo, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

This highly versatile range boasts something for everyone – metal frames, plastic frames, trendy frames, classic frames – you name it, this collection has it all! 

We’ve had a browse among the shelves at Patrick & Menzies and picked our five favourite pairs of Cameo glasses which help to illustrate just how much choice is on offer from this quality brand. Read on to find out more. 



CAMEO - BRADLEY - TORTOISHELL Firey flecks really make these tortoise shell frames pop. Tortoise shell is a great option for frames as it suits both men and women and most skin tones. And it is neutral enough to fit with everyday life. 

Find out more >




CAMEO - CAROL - NAVY 2Metal frames don’t need to be dull as this pair of navy specs prove. We love the matt finish and the deep blue which is bang on trend at the moment. The change in colouring along the sides adds further interest. 

Find out more >




CAMEO - ELIZABETH - BROWN 4Look closely and you will see that the brown hued pattern on these Cameo specs is actually an autumn leaf design. With the pattern only featuring on the outer edge of the lens, the design really helps to accentuate the eyes. 

Find out more >




In soothing neutral tones, these super thin acetate frames with stripe detail towards the bottom of the lens would look great with warm skin tones or if you have blue eyes. 

Find out more >




If you prefer the look of a larger lens, these metal frames are a great option with the plum colouring adding extra interest.  

Find out more >



Did you know you can browse our extensive range of frames online? Once you have selected the pair – or pairs – you like, just click on the heart button to add them to your list of favourites. Then simply click on the view/send favourites button and fill in your details and we can have them ready for you to try on when you come in for your appointment

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