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Finding frames to suit your hair colour

Ever wondered why some pairs of glasses just instantly look right when you try them on while others somehow jar? 

Much of the time this is to do with how the frames fit with your colouring. Hair shade, skin tone and even eye colour can play a part in finding the eyewear which truly suits you. 

To help make choosing the right frames a little easier, we have taken a look at the kinds of frames which go best with different hair colours.  

Blonde hair 

Your shade of blonde will have an impact on which colours suit you best. As a rule, chunky dark frames don’t work so well, while greys, tortoiseshell and pastel shades look fantastic on platinum blondes. If you have honey blonde hair, make warmer tones your starting point. Think golds, coppers, reds and khakis. 

Brown hair 

If you have dark brown hair skip heavier darker frames, and instead contrast with your colouring by opting for silvers, greens and golds. For light brown hair it’s hard to go wrong with the classic tortoiseshell frame. Rich browns and reds will complement your colouring too, along with golds and coppers. 

Red hair 

If you are a redhead, it’s important to choose frames that will complement the warmth of your hair tone. Pastel frames or anything that has yellow tone are a no no. Instead, bold solid colours will look great alongside warm neutral shades, golds and coppers. 

Black hair 

Dark tortoiseshell and black frames look superb alongside black hair, but if you dare to be bold, bright blues and reds can create a striking contrast. Metal frames can look great too, though avoid pastel tones which can look dull in comparison. 

Grey hair 

It’s hard to go wrong when pairing glasses with grey hair. Be bold and opt for rich solid colours (think amber, mustard, red or navy), thick rims, or any metallic frames.  

Alongside finding the right frames for your colouring, your face shape can have an impact on whether your specs look great or just don’t go. Read our recent blog to find out more about how to select the right frames to suit the shape of your face


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