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Tips to help you stop losing your specs

As any glasses wearer will tell you, there is nothing more annoying than not being able to find your specs when you need them.

And sometimes it’s hard to understand how they end up in the places they do – behind the sofa cushions, under a stack of paperwork or even in the fridge! And let’s not talk about the time the puppy helpfully decided to make his own modifications to a perfectly good pair of glasses…

So, to avoid further strife we have come up with some simple strategies to help you to keep your eyewear safe, easy to find and in tip top condition.

Decide on a place to store your specs – and keep to it

Take a little time to think about the main areas where you wear your glasses, and plan out a safe place you will put them when they’re not aiding your vision.

Maybe there is a specific shelf or drawer you could use. Or it could be as simple as storing them in a case along with other important items such as your keys or wallet – so long as you aren’t the kind of person who is always losing these items too!

Building a routine around where you leave your glasses will really help you to keep track of them – but you need to make sure you stick to it.

Keep them round your neck

Although not for everyone, a glasses chain or cord is such a practical option if you don’t need to wear your glasses all of the time. They are available cheaply in a wide range of colours so you can even coordinate to fit with your outfit.

Invest in a brightly coloured case

A bold case is so much easier to spot around the home or office than a pair of glasses, and if you can get yourself into the habit of using it, your glasses will benefit too. Storing your specs in a case when you are not wearing them is definitely the best option, helping to avoid scratched lenses, the risk of getting squashed or stood on, or splayed sides if you are guilty of pushing them on top of your head.

Make a mental note each time you put them down

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Sometimes if you’re out and about and in an unfamiliar environment, this is your best strategy. When you remove your glasses, take the time to make a mental note of where you place them, repeating it in your head several times to make sure you remember. And if you still don’t trust your memory, take a quick snap on your smartphone so you can check back later.

Invest in a back-up pair

This is the best strategy of all if you want to be on the safe side! Just make sure that you put the spares somewhere you won’t forget…

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