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Brand Spotlight | Ray-Ban

Think of Ray-Ban and it’s pretty likely you will conjure up an image of stylish sunglasses worn by the glitterati.

In reality, this high-end brand has so much more to offer than that (though it’s fair to say their sunglasses are pretty spectacular).

The brand was born in the 1930s when US Air Force pilots needed to protect their eyes from the sun. Since then, Ray-Ban has shown the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating stylish eyewear.

The Ray-Ban range bills itself as timelessly classic and fearlessly modern and includes a wide spectrum of styles.

These are much more than just spectacle frames. As Ray-Ban explains, they are: “a weapon of self-expression to match how you see the world and how the world sees you.”

Read on for our top pick of Ran-Ban frames in stock at Patrick & Menzies at the moment.


RAY BAN – 5279 – 5775

RAY BAN - 5279 - 5775 1

In mottled browns, these neutral specs are an exciting alternative to the traditional tortoiseshell. The design is bold enough to add interest without being over the top.

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RAYBAN – 3547V – 2502

RAYBAN - 3547V - 2502 14

Looking for a classic style of specs? These are just the ticket! The silver frame and curved shaping will never go out of fashion. They would look particularly good if you have a square face shape.

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RAYBAN – 8415 – 2503

RAYBAN - 8415 - 2503 11

Black frames coupled with angular shaping result in a serious pair of glasses that really mean business. These would work really well if you have a rounded face shape.

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RAY BAN – 4440-N – 6356/XO

RAY BAN - 4440-N - 6356/XO 1

We love these Ray-Ban shades which show that the brand has so much more to offer than just the classic Aviator style. Need help picking your perfect pair of sunglasses? Check out another of our blogs  ‘Why are sunglasses important?’. 

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RAYBAN JUNIOR – 1584 – 3686

RAYBAN JUNIOR - 1584 - 3686 1

Ray-Ban frames aren’t just for adults. We stock a selection of Ray-Ban Junior glasses for kids, too. These deep blue specs pack a real punch and are a great example of what you can expect from the junior range.

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Did you know you can browse our extensive range of frames online? Once you have selected the pair – or pairs – you like, with just the click of a button we can have them ready for you to try on when you come in for your appointment.  And if you need help picking the right frames for your face shape take a read of another of our blogs. 

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