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Style focus – Acetate frames

Light and comfy to wear, there is so much choice on offer when it comes to plastic spectacle frames.  

From solid colours to intricate patterns, chunky acetate to lightweight resin, you really can project your personality with a plastic frame.

With so many different frames to choose from, we have taken our pick of some of our favourite options on offer at the moment at Patrick & Menzies.



Style focus – Acetate frames News
If you are looking for pattern in your frames, plastic really is fantastic. This pair from Mattisse is a brilliant example of what can be created. A burgundy strip draws attention to the eye, coupled with a striking pattern of criss-crossed black lines, resulting in a spectacular pair of specs. 

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Style focus – Acetate frames News 1Looking for ethical eyewear? Then Sea2See is for you. This stylish range of frames is made from abandoned fishnets and ropes collected by fishing communities off the coast of Spain. Best of all you don’t need to abandon a love of style in favour of your beliefs as the Sea2See range fulfils in both areas by the bucket-load. These beautiful two-toned frames are a great example of what’s on offer from Sea2See.
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Style focus – Acetate frames News 2In a muted red, these Silhouette specs show that plastic can just as easily be sleek as well as chunky.  

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TIFFANY – 2189 

Style focus – Acetate frames News 3
Feminine without being overly girly, these dusky pink frames are proof that Tiffany really does know how to create standout eyewear. The sparkle along the sides is the perfect final touch.  

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Style focus – Acetate frames News 4
Plastic frames don’t need to be brightly coloured. This perfect pair from Amporio Armani is classically shaped and superbly stylish. 

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Style focus – Acetate frames News 5So, we may have just mentioned that plastic frames don’t have to be colourful, but if you do want to brighten up your look, they offer a fantastic way to do just that. For people who like bolder colours and patterns when it comes to their glasses, Wolf Eyewear is a great place to start. This pair makes us think of sipping cocktails on a tropical beach – and what could be nicer than that? 

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Did you know you can browse the range of glasses frames on offer from Patrick & Menzies from the comfort of your home? Why not take a look.

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