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Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit

If you are on the look-out for ethical eyewear which packs a punch in the style department, Wolf has come up with the solution. 

Known for its bold, bright frames with plenty of personality Wolf Eyewear has been a favourite with Patrick & Menzies customers for some time. 

Now the brand’s offer has got even better as it’s making moves to become more sustainable with its Inspirit ethos. 

As Wolf Eyewear explains: “Over the past few years, brands have been rushing to bring out eco frames, but we want to go further. Rather than designing a specific line of eco-friendly frames, we want to embrace a shift toward moving all our eyewear and associated product lines to more sustainable materials from the frames, cases and cloths to the business as a whole.” 

Already Wolf Eyewear has made a number of moves to start to achieve this aim, such as using renewable energy to almost entirely power its offices and exploring ways to lower its energy consumption. 

Now it has launched a new range of frames featuring bio-acetate, a more “planet positive” material which is made from renewable sources.   

We’re pleased to say we are now stocking a selection of these frames, and they are already proving popular. Read on to check out some of our favourites. 

3139eco c12 in green 

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit News


Wherever you look at the moment, a design trend seems to be emerging for all things emerald green. These gorgeous glasses pick up on that popular colour choice while the cat-eye shaping is further enhanced by a splash of pink at the hinge.  

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3139eco c21 in burgundy 

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit News 1

Two tone frames seem to be a signature element of the new Wolf Eyewear range, with bold colour combinations creating standout eyewear which our customers love. Here a deliciously dark burgundy is paired with a vivid heather shade, again highlighting the cat-eye shaping to perfection. 

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3140eco c21 tortoiseshell

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit News 2

A truly modern twist on the classic tortoiseshell, these frames are full of detail which add character. The neutral frame is freckled with darker flashes, and we particularly love the indigo hint towards the hinges which then runs along the sides. If you have always opted for tortoiseshell but are keen to refresh your look, these frames are definitely worth exploring. 

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4092eco c13 amber stripe 

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit News 3

We love the shaping of these frames, which would look fantastic if you have a rounder face. The muted blue is sliced through with a horizontal mottled amber stripe adding interest and depth to these stunning frames. 

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You can now browse a wide selection of our frames from the comfort of your own home via our website.  You can then pick out which pairs you would like to try on before you come in for your eye test, and even book your appointment online.

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