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Sunglasses are not just for summer

Think sunglasses are just for summer? Think again! Wearing sunglasses can be a real benefit to your eye health all year round.

Many people dust off their shades as spring moves into summer, but really if you want to keep your vision at optimal level you should be wearing those sunglasses all year round.

A good pair of sunglasses will help protect your eyes against the sun’s Ultra-Violet rays. These are present throughout the year, not just during the warmer months. Just like skin your eyes are sensitive to UV rays and it is possible for them to be damaged by the sun.

When buying a pair of sunglasses, make sure they have the CE mark which shows they have been made to EU standards. This will mean all harmful UV is filtered out.

Sunglasses are great at reducing glare. Imagine the dazzle of the low sun on a winter afternoon, or bright rays reflecting off snow or puddles. Sunglasses can help in these situations where bright light can lead to eyestrain and headaches.

It’s also easy to see how glare can cause accidents when you are behind the wheel.

With safety in mind, it is really important to choose the right pair of sunglasses for driving. The lenses shouldn’t be too dark and the frames must not obscure your vision.

For more information about picking sunglasses for driving take a look at this useful article from The AA.

At Patrick & Menzies we stock a great variety of sunglasses from big names such as Maui Jim and Serengeti which offer superior glare-protection.

Whichever you choose they can be made to your prescription, are properly UV filtered and will be fitted with as much care and attention as your regular glasses.

Thinking about investing in some new sunglasses that are not just for summer? Here are our top three picks.

Sea 2 See Marlon Frames

This Sea2See frame offers a modern twist on a classic look. Best of all they are a great ethical option as all of the brand’s glasses are made entirely from abandoned fishnets and ropes collected by fishing communities off the coast of Spain.


The rimless design of these sunglasses from Serengeti is super stylish and lightweight. Perfect to wear whatever the season.


Maui Jim boasts that all of its sunglasses are polarized and protect from 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Add to that the company’s flair for great design and you are left with something pretty special. This pair features an almost woodgrain-like pattern.


Browse all of our sunglasses from the comfort of your own home.

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Brand Spotlight | Walter & Herbert

Stylish, sophisticated and a whole lot of fun – Walter & Herbert glasses will make sure your eyewear is noticed for all the right reasons.

At Patrick & Menzies we pride ourselves on offering a stunning selection of specs, and the Walter & Herbert range is a great addition as it has so much to offer.

The brand pays homage to entrepreneurs Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn who helped to shape the way glasses are manufactured worldwide.

Around 70 years ago the pair developed a machine which inserts metal reinforcements into acetate spectacle sides with absolute precision, paving the way for many of the styles of frames we love today.

The Walter & Herbert brand now produces quality frames which are designed, made and tested in England: “With innovation and creativity at the heart of every design, the dedicated team of in-house designers skilfully create eyewear to appeal and flatter, whilst always maintaining the fundamentals of comfort, quality and wearability.”

This exciting range offers such a diverse selection of styles we’ve chosen our favourite five to give you a taster.

Brand Spotlight | Walter & Herbert Brand Spotlight

These frames are a playful take on a classic design. The strong square shape is coupled with warm colouring for a truly contemporary look that is bold without being showy.

Brand Spotlight | Walter & Herbert Brand Spotlight 3

Two-tone hues give a real edge to these simple, classic frames. The colouring makes us think of evening skies just before sunset. The no-nonsense shaping of these designer frames would suit most faces.

Brand Spotlight | Walter & Herbert Brand Spotlight 4

With a heavy, almost marbled bridge to these glasses, attention is drawn to the eyes and makes for a bold look. Natural tones make these frames incredibly versatile.

Brand Spotlight | Walter & Herbert Brand Spotlight 5

We love the cool colouring of these frames. Classic shaping makes them incredibly wearable, no matter the shape of your face. A further design touch is added in the two-tone arms.

Brand Spotlight | Walter & Herbert Brand Spotlight 6

Wow! These round frames will make the wearer stand out from the crowd. In classic tortoise shell they offer a modern take on a timeless classic which would particularly suit someone with an oval face shape.

You can take a look at all of the Walter & Herbert frames we have in stock – alongside our other superb range of specs – on our website. Although we don’t have all frames available in all of our stores, we are always happy to help, so if there’s a particular style you’re interested in, just let us know.

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Patrick & Menzies is thinking of you this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, Patrick & Menzies has your eyecare in mind. Read on to find out how we can help you to enjoy the festive season.


If a nose pad falls off on Christmas morning, you lose a screw when tucking into your turkey or sit on your specs during the Queen’s speech – fear not, Patrick & Menzies is on hand to help.

Not only is Christmas the season to be jolly, it also seems to be the season where people break their glasses, and so we are primed and ready to carry out repairs.

Our opening hours over the festive season are set out below. If you do have a breakage, just phone your local branch as soon as we are open and we will make arrangements to return your glasses to their full glory.   


A great way to avoid the worry of breakages during the festive period – or indeed any time of year – is to invest in a spare pair of glasses. Then, if you lose or break your specs you have another pair to fall back on.

We have a fantastic selection of frames available at prices to suit all budgets. And now you can browse our frames online. Take a look.

If you have an up to date prescription, you just need to give us a call to arrange an appointment to order your spare glasses.

The perfect present

If you are looking for a gift idea that is both practical and indulgent, sunglasses are a great option. We have a wonderful array of sunglasses available – have a browse.

Once you have picked the perfect pair, give your local branch a call, we can even take payment over the phone and send them directly to you.

Best of all we are offering 25% off a selection of non-prescription designer sunglasses until December 24th  while stocks last. Take a look at the frames included in the offer.

Book ahead

If you are worried about your vision or have any concerns about your eyes in the run up to Christmas, don’t leave it to the last minute. Understandably appointments are limited at the moment in line with our Covid-secure measures, so contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You can either book over the phone or book online.

Festive opening times

Our branches are open as usual until 1pm on Christmas Eve. We then reopen at 9am on Tuesday 29th December.

For New Year, we will be closed on 31 December and reopen on Monday 4th January for the start of 2021.

We would like to wish all of our customers a very merry Christmas, and happy New Year. Thank you for your support over what has been a somewhat challenging year for us all.




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Christmas Colouring Competition

Tis the season to be jolly and at Patrick & Menzies we are getting into the spirit with a Christmas colouring competition.

Under 18s are invited to use all of their Christmassy creativity to decorate our festive colouring sheet, and be in with a chance of winning a delicious chocolatey prize!

You can use pastels, paint, crayons, pencils – or whatever else you fancy to add some sparkle to the design.

To take part simply click on the link below to download the colouring sheet. Print a copy and colour to your heart’s content!


Once complete scan or take a photo of your entry and send it in a private message to our Facebook or Instagram page. Don’t forget to give us a like while you are there!

Entries close at 11.59pm on 24th December 2020. One winner will be selected by the P&M team to win a festive chocolate prize. The winner will be announced on 28th December 2020.

Christmas Colouring Competition News 1
The Prize – 850g Chocolate

A selection of the entries will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, offering a moment of stardom for the budding artists.

With excitement rising as we get closer to the big day, what better way to keep the kids calm than with a spot of festive colouring!

Extra Information

There is no purchase necessary to enter. Making a purchase does not increase the chances of winning.
A winner will be chosen at random by a member of our team.
This competition is administered by Patrick and Menzies Opticians.
The prize is an 850g giant bar of Dairy Milk chocolate (pictured above).
We would like to share entries across our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please remember to tick the box on the colouring sheet, if you are happy for us to do this.
Competition is void where prohibited.
This competition is not endorsed, sponsored or administered by Facebook (or Instagram), nor is Facebook associated with your contest.
Facebook (and Instagram) is released from any responsibility to entrants or participants. It is understood that Facebook will not administer the contest or assist in it.
No “consideration” is required for participation.  This means sharing of personal information, liking the page or sharing the post is not required in order to enter.  Neither do you need to tag friends in the post in order to enter.
Entrants must reside in the United Kingdom


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Children’s glasses are anything but dull

Brilliantly bold or simple yet stylish – we have children’s glasses to fit all tastes and personalities.

Frames for children have come a long way in recent years, with a greater focus on comfort and style making them way more appealing to a younger audience than in years gone by.

If your child has been prescribed glasses, choosing a pair of frames they love will go a long way to making sure they wear them when they are meant to.

With so much choice available for our younger customers, we thought we would give you the lowdown on some of our favourite pairs which are sure to be a hit.

Ray Ban Junior

RAYBAN JUNIOR Frames available at Patrick and Menzies Optician

These dark tortoiseshell frames from Ray-Ban Junior are seriously stylish. Fantastic for older children who want a designer look that’s contemporary but not too showy.



Eyestuff Frames for Children available from Patrick and Menzies

These feminine frames from Eyestuff are both fresh and funky, mixing mottled pink with darker tones for an up-to-the-minute look.

Lazer Junior

Lazer Junior Frames available at Patrick and Menzies

Stand out from the crowd with these striking purple specs from Lazer Junior. The psychedelic circle detail on the insides of the arms gives added appeal.


Ray-Ban Junior

Ray Ban junior frames available at Patrick and Menzies

Wow – these neon blue frames from Ray-Ban Junior are spec-tacular! Rectangular lenses and angled arms complete the look.


Street Kids

Street Kids frames available at Patrick and Menzies

Opting for frames in a favourite colour can often help encourage children to wear their glasses. But if they tend to be more conservative in their style, a flash of colour with an otherwise sedate frame can be a great option. We have several styles in stock which take this approach, but our favourite are these matt grey frames from Street Kids which feature a flash of orange around the lenses.


A wide selection of our frames is now available to browse online, so you can pick out which pairs you would like to try on before you come in for your eye test. Take a look at our full range of frames.

Obviously, we don’t have all frames available at all times in all of our stores, but we are always happy to help, so if there’s a particular style you’re interested in, just let us know.



If you have any concerns about your child’s vision please do give us a call today to book an appointment, as the earlier a problem is picked up the better. Eye tests can be carried out on children of any age – they don’t need to be able to read or even speak yet. It’s particularly important to carry out regular eye tests if there’s a history of childhood eye problems in your family. Free NHS sight tests are available for children under 16 and for young people under 19 in full-time education. Find out more on the NHS website.

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Taking Inspiration from Star Specs

Large frames, small frames, brilliantly bold designs – there is a pair of glasses out there to suit everyone.

And as many famous people have found, if you choose the right pair they can become recognisable in their own right.

Taking inspiration from people in the public eye can be a great way to help you choose your next pair of glasses.

So, we’ve searched our stock to find a selection of specs that we think would suit some famous glasses wearers.

Elton John 

Taking Inspiration from Star Specs News

Known for his statement specs, we reckon that Elton John could really rock this brighter than bright pair of frames from Wolf. These glasses conjure up images of cocktails on a palm fringed beach and would fit perfectly with Elton’s star-studded lifestyle.


John Lennon

Taking Inspiration from Star Specs News 1

They may not be rose tinted but these round metal-framed glasses from Vogue certainly make us think of John Lennon, many of our ranges feature similar styles inspired by his classic eyewear. The shaping of this pair particularly suits people with a softly curving face.


Audrey Hepburn

Taking Inspiration from Star Specs News 2

No one carried off a pair of large-lensed sunglasses like the legendary Audrey Hepburn. We really love these tortoiseshell framed sunglasses from Maui Jim, and we are pretty sure Ms Hepburn would have too. Picture them worn with a wide brimmed sun hat and chunky earrings and you would certainly be heading towards the Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe.


The Queen

Taking Inspiration from Star Specs News 3

For stately style we humbly suggest the Queen would approve of these frames from Silhouette. The monarch errs towards frames which are barely there with oval shaping. This pair accentuate the eyes beautifully without being showy and would be perfect worn at any occasion – from daily outings to Royal garden parties!


Harry Hill

Taking Inspiration from Star Specs News 4

Think of madcap comic Harry Hill and we bet his glasses are one of the first things that come to mind. Dark half frames fit perfectly with his fast-paced creative personality. This pair from Emporio Armani are a good match for Harry’s famous specs and would be great for anyone looking to accentuate the upper part of their face.


Louis Theroux

Taking Inspiration from Star Specs News 5

King of geek chic, documentary maker Louis Theroux wears heavy dark frames bringing focus to his expressions and his curiosity. We think this super stylish pair of Polo frames would definitely be on Louis’ wish list.

Did you know you can browse our extensive range of frames online? Once you have selected the pair – or pairs – you like, with just the click of a button we can have them ready for you to try on when you come in for your appointment.

And if you are thinking about choosing some new frames, take a look at our blog which offers advice on picking the right pair for your face shape.

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Brand Spotlight | Sea2see

Stylish, ethical frames at affordable prices? Sea2see offers exactly that.

You would never guess it, but Sea2see frames are made entirely from abandoned fishnets and ropes collected by fishing communities off the coast of Spain, making ethical eyewear a very real option.

The company was founded by François van den Abeele, an entrepreneur with a deep passion for oceans and nature.

He believed that waste plastic which is clogging up our oceans could be turned into raw material to produce everyday products. After much investigation and investment his company has achieved just that, creating premium eyewear with a conscience.

Subtle colouring and sophisticated shaping make the range perfect for the ethical consumer who doesn’t want to scrimp on style.

The range includes a selection of sunglasses alongside everyday frames and is sure to impress when you reveal what they are made of.

As the company’s website explains: “Sea2see is leading a change, hoping consumers will start understanding that waste can be transformed into premium products.

“Sea2see is more than a product, it’s a statement that anybody can wear with pride, because sunglasses will not change the world, but people that wear Sea2see will.”

The company has made a commitment not to use products of animal origin in its manufacturing and as a result the entire collection is vegan-friendly.

It’s hard to pick, but here’s our three favourite pairs of Sea2see specs.

Brand Spotlight | Sea2see News
Sea2see – Carmen

Think 1950’s chic with these Carmen sunglasses. The retro cat eye shaping of these frames will make sure you are always selfie-ready when you step out in the sun.

Brand Spotlight | Sea2see News 1
Sea2see – Amalfi

The Amalfi frame is subtly stylish. Bringing the recent ombre colouring trend to glasses frames, these specs would really suit someone who is looking to take a step away from the norm without going too bold.

Brand Spotlight | Sea2see News 2
Sea2see – Taormina

Sea2see has really come up trumps with the Taormina frame. This elegant piece is modern, yet classic and is sure to be a favourite with Patrick & Menzies customers.

You can take a look at all of the Sea2see frames we have in stock – alongside our other superb range of specs – on our website. Although we don’t have all frames available in all of our stores, we are always happy to help, so if there’s a particular style you’re interested in, just let us know.

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Caring for our customers during Covid-19 pandemic

At Patrick & Menzies we care about your vision and your safety.

We have been working hard over the past few months to make sure that we can still offer our usual high level of service to our customers, even though the experience may feel a little different due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Dan Edwards, Patrick & Menzies Partner and Dispensing Optician explained: “Since the middle of March when we started to hear that there may be restrictions placed on optical practices, we were working out what that might mean for us and how we could carry on delivering as complete a service as possible.”

“During the strictest period of lockdown, we were unable to see anyone face to face, but we never actually stopped working. My two business partners and I, plus one other member of staff were able to carry on replacing and repairing glasses, supplying contact lenses, often spending hours collecting and delivering urgent supplies.”

“We also were able to triage and refer emergencies so everyone who needed help got appropriate advice and treatment.”

“We also spent a significant amount of time preparing the practices to be able to see people again. All reception areas are protected by large Perspex screens, information posters, hand sanitizer stations and extra breath guards on some of the instruments have all been fitted” Some of this was particularly hard to source at the time so we want to give a huge thanks to Wolf Eyewear who really came through for us and supplied a lot of the equipment we needed.”

“Since mid-June we have been able to start to see customers back in practice. Anyone who is having problems with their vision, glasses, contact lenses or who is concerned about their eyes is able to come and see us.”

“It is great to be able to welcome our customers back into our practices, although things are slightly different than they were before”

Everything we do now is done by appointment only, this enables us to control the amount of people in the practice at any one time, it also enables us to space out visits to the practice, so we can clean the space, before the next customer arrives.

Eye examinations were always done to appointment, but we are allowing an hour for each examination now, rather than 40 minutes, again to give us time to clean down the instruments, trial lenses and frames, as well as the chairs and surfaces.

One of the best things we have introduced to minimise face to face conversation in what is a relatively small room, was to develop an online questionnaire which we send to every customer before their appointment. This enables us to take – what we call – history and symptoms, before the eye exam, and means the optometrists have prior knowledge of the customer’s needs.

Amongst many, one of the biggest challenges in an opticians is that often people try on many frames before they find their perfect eyewear. This obviously means a lot of cleaning after someone has visited. So we also developed a new section to our website, that enables people to view a large selection of the frames we have in stock, and send us a list of their favourites prior to their appointment. Nothing can really replace a proper spectacle fitting, and you still need to try them on, but it does reduce the amount of handling as we and our customers have a good idea of the frame they like before they see us.

Of course we all look a bit different. We all have appropriate PPE, infection control training and observe social distancing wherever possible. We also require all our customers, unless medically exempt, to wear face coverings as we do have to get quite close.

Our doors at the moment are also locked, again to control the amount and flow of people in the practice at any one time. This is probably the biggest difference for everyone, but our customers have been giving us amazing feedback about how safe an environment it feels. It doesn’t mean we can’t see you and help out, just call ahead, or a gentle tap on the door and we’ll arrange a suitable time to deal with anything you need.

Some of the measures we have introduced were mandated by our regulatory bodies, but others are our own developments to go over and above and give our customers the safest and best experience they could have.

“We really appreciate all of the support our customers have given us over this very difficult time. It is important if you notice a change in your vision or if you have any concerns about your eye health you get it checked out. With all of the new measures in place you can be confident that we will provide you with a high level of service in a safe environment.”

Finally, and most importantly, please do not attend if you feel unwell and have developed any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with anyone who has.

Did you know you can browse our extensive range of frames online? Once you have selected the pair – or pairs – you like, with just the click of a button we can have them ready for you to try on when you come in for your appointment.


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Top tips to make Zoom calls a breeze

Until 2020, many of us had never even heard of Zoom. But with the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of people have turned to video conferencing, both for work and social interaction.

With many companies moving towards home working on a long term or permanent basis, now is the time to hone your Zoom skills beyond the basics of making sure the camera is working and the audio is on.

Patrick & Menzies has five top tips to help you make sure your video conferences are remembered for all the right reasons.

  1. Whether you are calling your granny or presenting a new strategy to the boss, make sure you look your best for video calls. Particularly for work calls, the more professional you look, the more confident you will feel. If you wear glasses you have a definite advantage here – a recent study found that needing to wear glasses might be associated with higher than average intelligence, so pop on those specs!
  2. As anyone who has ever tried to take the perfect selfie knows, you need to keep the camera angle at eye height or above to avoid looking like you have a double chin or showing everyone a view up your nostrils. If you are using a laptop place it on a stack of books making sure you are well framed on the screen.
  3. Good lighting is key if you want to avoid appearing in silhouette, or looking ill or tired. Where possible take your call from a position where you can face natural light. Alternatively place a lamp behind your laptop angling it so the light bounces off a wall or ceiling to avoid glare on your glasses. Anti-reflective lenses are definitely worth considering if you video call a lot as they block out any additional light, helping you see better and look better.
  4. Before your call check out your background. Move anything that’s distracting or unprofessional – dirty dishes, kids toys, the airer full of washing. For professional calls give virtual backgrounds provided by some conferencing apps a miss and go with your genuine background. Save that view of a tropical island or a scene from Star Wars for your next social call.
  5. Keep video conferencing calls to the point to help avoid digital eye strain. The past few months has seen screen-use rocket, and it’s important to protect your eyes where possible. According to the College of Optometrists, one in five adults in the country say they think their vision became worse during lock down, with one in three blaming it on too much screen time.

If you are concerned about your vision, or would like to explore options for anti-reflective lenses give us a call today.

*Get 10% off your specs, and 20% off an extra pair when you sign up to VisionPlan.


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Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear

Looking for bold, bright frames with plenty of personality? Then look no further than Wolf Eyewear, the latest addition to the list of designer brands we stock. 

Wolf Eyewear promises to create high-quality and innovative specs that reveal your wild side! 

Founded in 2009, the British, family-run company supplies independent opticians across the UK and Europe.

Perfect for the fashion-conscious glasses-wearer, Wolf Eyewear uses a diverse range of materials and styles to offer individual design and superior quality at an affordable price. 

Fun is at the heart of the Wolf Eyewear designs: “We love colour in frames and think it’s a fantastic way to express who you are. Eyewear is a relatively small part of ‘the wardrobe’ but is the first thing seen, and says a lot about the wearer. We use this by looking at new modern designs and fashionable colours whilst catering for the UK style, we also look at shades of colour, and designs that work for the majority of face shapes.”

While frame designs focus on fashion, Wolf Eyewear certainly doesn’t scrimp on quality.

Frames use a mix of titanium, stainless steel, acetate and a number of other new materials that give a lightweight, strong and comfortable feel to the wearer.

The collection ranges from traditional styling to retro-modern designs along with a lightweight plugged rimless collection.

There’s a real mix of bright and outrageous frames along with traditional and very wearable colours you would expect.

It’s hard to pick, but here’s the lowdown on our three favourite pairs of Wolf Eyewear specs.

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear
Wolf Eyewear frame style 3063

Looking for frames which are ultra-feminine and fun at the same time? The 3063 style frames certainly fit the bill. The classic oval shape combined with a mottled mix of colour create a super stylish result.

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear
Wolf Eyewear Frame Style 3089

These frames – style 3089 make us think of an exotic beach, fringed with palm trees and tropical birds taking to the skies. The mix of colours really pop and will certainly help the wearer stand out from the crowd. 


Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear
Wolf Eyewear Frame Style 4029

Wolf frames aren’t just for women. This beautiful two-tone pair for example, are a great addition to our selection for men. The colouring is eye-catching without being showy and combined with flattering rectangular shaping these frames are a great option for anyone looking for something just a little bit different to the norm.

Obviously, we don’t have all frames available at all times in all of our stores, but we are always happy to help, so if there’s a particular style you’re interested in, just let us know!

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