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Frame inspiration | Mersea branch

Do you feel a bit like a kid in a sweetshop when it comes to picking out a new pair of glasses? 

With so many different styles, colours and shapes on offer these days, you can easily find a whole host of pairs which perfectly complement your look. 

Brands like Wolf Eyewear, Lulu Guinness and Tiffany, make the task of picking out just one or two pairs quite tricky with their exciting design, on-trend palette of colours and attention to detail. 

So, we asked Anna, receptionist at our Mersea branch, to pick her five favourites currently in stock for the latest of our Frame Inspiration blogs. 

Anna has worked at Patrick & Menzies for seven years and the Mersea branch has always been her and her children’s optician. 

She explained: “I have been wearing specs since I was a child and my daughter has been wearing them since she was 18 months old! I feel specs are a part of your character and these days are almost like an item of jewellery with so many styles and colours to choose from.” 

Read on to discover Anna’s favourite frames, which may help you narrow down your own choice! 

Cocoa Mint CM9093 

  Frame inspiration | Mersea branch News 2

“These are my specs. I love the colour which is rich but not too bright and the flattering shape – I often find a pair in this range to suit me.” 

Browse Cocoa Mint range >

Ocean Blue sunspecs 9343  

Frame inspiration | Mersea branch News 3“These are from the new range and I like the Ombré effect which adds lightness to the style. The nice large frame offers good sun protection. I love this shape and will be getting these as my next pair of sun specs.” 

Browse Ocean Blue range >




Episode EP260  

Frame inspiration | Mersea branch News

“These frames have nice contrasting colours and a classic feel. They are quite a light and comfortable frame, a little different to my usual choice but I really like them.” 

Browse Episode range >

Lulu Guinness L933  

Frame inspiration | Mersea branch News 4

“I love this mottled colour effect – muted but pretty and a little different. This is one of the larger styles in the range. Lulu Guinness has a wide selection of colours and shapes but all with the classic elegant designer touch.” 

Browse Lulu Guinness range >




Eyestuff ‘Earth’ 

Frame inspiration | Mersea branch News 1

“This is a completely different choice for me – a modern metal frame with a fun khaki/rose colour combination. They are light to wear and an unobtrusive style. Although they are very different to my usual pick I was pleasantly surprised with the look and feel.” 

Browse Eyestuff range >




Did you know you can browse many of the frames currently available in our four North Essex branches online, from the comfort of your own home? Just visit our frames page. And now you can book your eye test online too.

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Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit

If you are on the look-out for ethical eyewear which packs a punch in the style department, Wolf has come up with the solution. 

Known for its bold, bright frames with plenty of personality Wolf Eyewear has been a favourite with Patrick & Menzies customers for some time. 

Now the brand’s offer has got even better as it’s making moves to become more sustainable with its Inspirit ethos. 

As Wolf Eyewear explains: “Over the past few years, brands have been rushing to bring out eco frames, but we want to go further. Rather than designing a specific line of eco-friendly frames, we want to embrace a shift toward moving all our eyewear and associated product lines to more sustainable materials from the frames, cases and cloths to the business as a whole.” 

Already Wolf Eyewear has made a number of moves to start to achieve this aim, such as using renewable energy to almost entirely power its offices and exploring ways to lower its energy consumption. 

Now it has launched a new range of frames featuring bio-acetate, a more “planet positive” material which is made from renewable sources.   

We’re pleased to say we are now stocking a selection of these frames, and they are already proving popular. Read on to check out some of our favourites. 

3139eco c12 in green 

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit News


Wherever you look at the moment, a design trend seems to be emerging for all things emerald green. These gorgeous glasses pick up on that popular colour choice while the cat-eye shaping is further enhanced by a splash of pink at the hinge.  

Find out more >


3139eco c21 in burgundy 

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit News 1

Two tone frames seem to be a signature element of the new Wolf Eyewear range, with bold colour combinations creating standout eyewear which our customers love. Here a deliciously dark burgundy is paired with a vivid heather shade, again highlighting the cat-eye shaping to perfection. 

Find out more >



3140eco c21 tortoiseshell

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit News 2

A truly modern twist on the classic tortoiseshell, these frames are full of detail which add character. The neutral frame is freckled with darker flashes, and we particularly love the indigo hint towards the hinges which then runs along the sides. If you have always opted for tortoiseshell but are keen to refresh your look, these frames are definitely worth exploring. 

Find out more >



4092eco c13 amber stripe 

Brand Spotlight | Wolf Eyewear Inspirit News 3

We love the shaping of these frames, which would look fantastic if you have a rounder face. The muted blue is sliced through with a horizontal mottled amber stripe adding interest and depth to these stunning frames. 

Find out more >


You can now browse a wide selection of our frames from the comfort of your own home via our website.  You can then pick out which pairs you would like to try on before you come in for your eye test, and even book your appointment online.

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Looking after your lenses

Contact lenses offer a really convenient alternative if you are a regular glasses wearer. 

From daily disposables to two weekly, monthly and yearly lenses, there are so many options to choose from, depending on your prescription and how often you plan to wear them. 

Whatever type you opt for though, Sam Culham, our Contact Lens Optician, explained hygiene is key if you want to keep your eyes healthy. 

Read on for Sam’s basic rules for contact lens success. 

Keep it clean 

Wash your hands both before you put your lenses in and before you remove them. Use regular handwash rather than alcohol wash as this could sting. 

You snooze, you lose 

Sleeping in your contact lenses is a no-no as this can cause damage to the eye and lead to a greater risk of ulcers. Get into the routine of removing and cleaning your lenses before you go to bed. 

Tap water is not the solution 

No matter what kind of lenses you wear, never run them under the tap to clean them. If the water has been stored in a tank in the loft for example, it could contain the Acanthamoeba organism. If this comes into contact with your eye it can lead to a condition which can ultimately result in blindness. 

Daily TLC 

If you wear daily disposable lenses you don’t need to worry about cleaning. Simply take the lens out of the vial it comes in and apply it to your eye. When you remove it – whether you have worn it for just a few hours or a whole day – throw it away. Put a fresh sterile pair in every time. 

For people who wear two weekly, monthly and yearly lenses there are special cleaning solutions you should use. 

Frequent replacement lenses – either two weekly or monthly – will need an all-in-one solution. Once you have finished wearing them for the day, remove the lenses and put some of the solution into the case. Taking one lens at a time, put it in the palm of your hand and apply a drop or two of the solution. Using a light touch, gently rub with your middle finger for 10 to 20 seconds. If it’s a soft lens you can turn it inside out and repeat on the other side.  

Before you put the lens in the case for the night, give it a rinse with a few more drops of the solution. Repeat with the other lens. 

If you use yearly lenses, you will have two different types of cleaning solution, one to rub on the lenses and the other to soak them in overnight. On top of this, every two to four weeks you should give your lenses an extra clean with protein removal tablets. Cleaning in this way will help your lenses to last longer. 

Keep it in check 

It’s important you book regular eye checks if you are a contact lens wearer. For those using them two to three times a week, we recommend you come in for a check-up once a year but if you wear them most days it’s best to have an appointment every six months.  

Tack action 

If your eyes are red or painful when you wear your lenses, remove them and book an appointment to see us. Don’t keep using them as this could aggravate your eyes further.

Not in the pool 

Never swim while wearing your lenses. Any lenses that come into contact with a swimming pool should be discarded.

Hay fever season 

If you are suffering from hay fever and your eyes are feeling itchy or sore avoid wearing your lenses. That said, some patients say that their hay fever symptoms actually improve when they are wearing their lenses! 


Considering contact lenses? Give us a call to book an appointment. We can talk you through all of the options and find a solution that’s right for you. 

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Brand Spotlight | Vogue Eyewear

Bang on trend, Vogue eyewear’s bold designs will certainly leave you wanting to strike a pose! 

The brand perfectly treads the line between cutting edge style and timeless class that is synonymous with the Vogue name. 

Whether you like chunky acetate frames or you prefer a metal rim, Vogue eyewear has something to offer. 

And as well as spectacle frames, the brand also includes an exciting array of sunglasses offering the ultimate in chic. 

Read on to discover some of our favourite Vogue frames currently in stock at Patrick & Menzies. 


These frames certainly have the Audrey Hepburn vibe. Think 1950s fashionista, behind the wheel of a convertible car, hair tied back in a headscarf, looking windswept but oh-so-stylish. Larger framed sunglasses like these are not only a great look, they are also a practical choice offering greater UV-protection for your eyes and the skin around them. Find out more about picking the right frames for you in our recent blog. 

Vogue 5030 in black 

VOGUE - 5030 - 6

These sleek black acetate frames show that you can create perfection in simplicity. Smooth shaping and ribbed sides add interest to this uncomplicated pair of specs. 

Find out more >


Vogue 5163 in black 

VOGUE - 5163 - It’s not all about bold statements when it comes to Vogue eyewear. For many frames included in the range the beauty comes from the attention to detail, as these glasses demonstrate. The solid black frame is taken to another level by the inclusion of an intricate design detail in gold on the hinge, along with the brand’s logo which screams style. 

Find out more >


Vogue 5326 in tortoiseshell 

VOGUE - 5326 - 5

If you are a reluctant glasses-wearer these frames were made for you! Crafted from clear acetate they really are barely there. Perfect for people who are keen to avoid frames which will distract from delicate features, they have the added bonus of accentuating your eyes. 

Find out more >


Vogue 5332 in black

VOGUE - 5332 - 2821 11In cool grey with rounded lenses, these frames look particularly striking on people with fair tones, though they equally look great with grey hair, too. We particularly like how these transparent frames offer a glimpse of metal running through the sides. 

Find out more >



As with all the brands we stock, you can view the current selection of Vogue eyewear currently available at Patrick & Menzies from the comfort of your home.  


If you are in need of a regular check-up or are worried about your vision, get in touch today to book an appointment at one of our four North Essex branches – Braintree, Brightlingsea, Manningtree and Mersea.  

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Brand Spotlight | Hero for Men

“Functional eyewear that lasts” – that’s the promise made by the Hero for Men brand. 

But although the range – designed exclusively for men – prides itself on getting these basic and important requirements right, the resulting frames also offer plenty of style and personality that our customers love. 

Launched by International Eyewear in 1988, the brand aims to provide something for everyone “from the modern man to the classic gent”. 

The diverse designs include both metal and acetate options along with a variety of eye shapes and sizes, using the latest techniques and premium materials to create specs to last. 

Read on to find out about some of our favourite Hero for Men frames in stock at Patrick & Menzies at the moment. 

HERO FOR MEN 4296 – C2

HERO - 4296 - C2 1These solid frames will show you mean business! A subtle tortoiseshell fleck really lifts the design, adding depth and interest to what is a classic look. 

Find out more >

HERO FOR MEN 4297 – C2 

HERO - 4297 - C2 9With a pattern that’s akin to delicate wood grain, the intricate design of these acetate frames in natural tones is stylish yet not overstated. 

Find out more >


HERO - 4111T - C2 A good pair of metal frames make a great choice for men of all ages. They are practical, stylish and neutral enough to go with so many looks. The Hero for Men brand excels when it comes to metal frames, making these silver specs a popular pick. 

Find out more >


HERO FOR MEN 4276 – C1 

HERO - 4276 - C1 1Supra glasses are great for accentuating your eyes and creating a sophisticated look. They are lightweight too, making them the perfect choice if you wear specs all day long. We particularly love these supra frames from Hero for Men as they are super sleek and of a timeless design.
Find out more >

HERO – 4281 – C1

HERO - 4281 - C1 These thin metal frames have universal appeal. The slightly angled shaping takes them a step beyond basic while holding onto the roots of classic design. Great for those who wear glasses but don’t want them to be the central focus of their look.

Find out more >


Check out our range of Hero for Men frames from the comfort of your home. 

If you are due a regular check-up or are concerned about your vision or eye health, get in touch today to book an appointment.

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Brand Spotlight | Tiffany & Co

Glamorous, luxurious and incredibly chic, Tiffany & Co eyewear is the height of style.  

Launched in 2008, Tiffany eyewear boasts a contemporary range of glasses and sunglasses made with precise craftsmanship. 

With sleek shaping, an impressive level of attention to detail and the odd splash of the iconic Tiffany blue, the range offers the high degree of quality you would expect from this world-renowned brand. 

There are so many beautiful frames to choose from in the range, so we have selected some of our favourites that we know you will love. 


TIFFANY – 2176 – 8214  

TIFFANY - 2176 - 8214 11

Mixing mottled neutral tones with the trademark Tiffany blue and soft cat-eye shaping makes for a pretty perfect pair of specs. We particularly like the chunky black sides which feature the Tiffany & Co logo for added kudos. 
More >


TIFFANY – 2168 – 8208

TIFFANY - 2168 - 8208 11
Coupling coloured acetate with metal sides works so well in these frames. As is often the way with Tiffany eyewear, the detail is simply stunning, such as the ribbed sides and the flash of stripe around the lenses.
More >


TIFFANY – 4156 – 8134/3B

TIFFANY - 4156 - 8134/3B 1
Love the Audrey Hepburn look? Then grab yourself a pair of these sophisticated sunglasses, team them with a wide brimmed hat and a pair of chunky earrings and you are heading in the right direction! 

More > 


TIFFANY – 1127 – 6125

TIFFANY - 1127 - 6125
If you have an oval, round, heart-shaped or square face shape, then cat-eye frames are the perfect option – and we think it’s hard to beat these ones in a soft matt silver. Stand-out but not showy, they are a style investment you won’t regret.
More >


TIFFANY – 2097 – Black

TIFFANY - 2097 -
Superbly subtle but oh-so-elegant, these black frames with a tiny splash of iconic Tiffany blue at the hinge are among our very favourite. Available from our Manningtree branch.
More >


TIFFANY – 2160B – 8244

TIFFANY - 2160B - 8244

These cool blue acetate frames are lifted to another level by the beautiful knot detail on the metal sides. The mix of materials combine perfectly to create a timeless classic when it comes to eyewear.
More > 


You can now browse a wide selection of our frames from the comfort of your own home via our website. Just head over to our frames page to have a look. You can then pick out which pairs you would like to try on before you come in for your eye test.   

Although we don’t have all frames available at all times in all of our stores, we are always happy to help, so if there’s a particular style you’re interested in, just let us know.  



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Frame Inspiration | Brightlingsea Branch

At Patrick & Menzies we take pride in offering an exciting range of frames. 

From metal to acetate, and from bright and bold to sophisticated and understated, we work hard to make sure there is something to suit all styles and face shapes. 

With so many options to choose from it can be hard to know where to begin. So, we asked Jacqui Tye, optical assistant at our Brightlingsea branch, to pick her five favourite pairs of specs currently in stock as inspiration if you are thinking of investing in new frames. 

Jacqui has worked at the branch for five years and as a glasses wearer herself she knows just how important it is to pick frames that are not only comfortable but also make you feel fantastic. 

Read on to find out more about her top five picks.  

Tiffany 2168 in crystal grey 

Tiffany 2168 frames in crystal grey. Worn by Jacqui at Patrick and Menzies, Brightlingsea. “These Tiffany crystal grey frames are my own personal specs. I just love the Tiffany range. To me they offer timeless elegance. They are more understated than some of the Tiffany frames, with just a small amount of sparkle on the sides.”  

Find out more >





Storm sunglasses 5607 

Storm sunglasses 5607 frames in crystal grey. Worn by Jacqui at Patrick and Menzies, Brightlingsea.


“What can I say about these Storm sunglasses? I love them! The coverage from the sun is great, plus they have the aviator style about them. Good sun-blockers and fashionable, too.” 





Lulu Guinness, L937 

Lulu Guinness, L937 5607


“I also own this pair of Lulu Guinness specs. I bought them as they are so fun and different. I like to have different looks, and they are so different from my Tiffany frames. I love the pop of pink over the eye. They also come in baby blue.” 




Wolf titanium 5023 

Wolf titanium 5023 frames. Worn by Jacqui at Patrick and Menzies, Brightlingsea.


“I’m always first in the line when new stock arrives, but I’ve not looked twice at these before. I really didn’t think they would be one of my favourites, until I tried them on! I love how light the frame is, and the beautiful pale pink almost disappears in certain lights. These are probably the lightest frames I’ve tried on.” 




Cameo Martha Frames 

Cameo Martha frames. Worn by Jacqui at Patrick and Menzies, Brightlingsea.


“I love the Cameo range, as it offers a wide range of different styles and shapes to suit almost anyone. This style is very very similar to the Ray-Ban club master style. Very on trend.” 





Did you know you can browse many of the frames currently available in our four North Essex branches online, from the comfort of your own home? Just visit our frames page.  

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Brand spotlight | Puccini

If you appreciate comfort, style and attention to detail, then look no further than Puccini eyewear.  

The brand recognises that glasses can be a key part of your look, and strives to provide a versatile range that will allow you to celebrate your own unique personality. 

With Puccini frames you can be confident that alongside quality and comfort you will also be choosing frames with plenty of intricate detail setting them apart from the rest. 

Embossed hinges, interesting side designs and the odd touch of sparkle take these frames to a whole other level. 

As the brand explains: “What is special about us is our devotion to the quality and style. It makes us proud to see our collection on the faces of beautiful people who value their comfort and appearance.” 

Read on to find out more about some of our favourite Puccini frames currently in stock at Patrick & Menzies. 


PUCCINI – 274 – C1

PUCCINI - 274 - C1 11These may appear to be simple silver frames on first glance, but if you take a closer look, you will find they offer a variety of beautiful design details. The sides bring a flash of teal and an intricate swirl design, while the embossed hinge is the perfect final touch.   

Read more >


PUCCINI – 135 – Purple

PUCCINI - 135 - 1If you want to accentuate your eyes, these frames are a great option. The fine mixed tone stripe around the edge of the lenses draws attention to the eyes and sits well alongside the detailed metal sides. 

Read more >



PUCCINI – 233T – C2

PUCCINI - 233T - C2 1Check out this pair of metal Puccini frames, Perfect for people who like understated chic. They feature a touch of sparkle tucked away along the sides bringing simple elegance to these classic frames. 

Read more >




PUCCINI – 78 – Purple

PUCCINI - 78 - 1There is so much detail in this pair of specs, that it’s hard to know where to begin! Acetate and metal are combined to great effect, with a tear drop design on the hinge adding interest. The mix of purple, black and gold work wonderfully to create a stunning set of frames. 

Read more >




PUCCINI - 292 - C2 11The timeless design of these metal frames is elevated to another level by the detailed cut out pattern along the sides.  

Read more >



You can browse our extensive range of frames online from the comfort of your home. Select the pair – or pairs – you like and click on the heart button to add them to your list of favourites. 

When you are done, click on the ‘view/send favourites’ button, complete your details and we will do our best to have them ready for you to try on when you come in for your appointment.  If we don’t have the exact pair in stock, we will help you find something similar among our great selection of frames.

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Finding frames to suit your hair colour

Ever wondered why some pairs of glasses just instantly look right when you try them on while others somehow jar? 

Much of the time this is to do with how the frames fit with your colouring. Hair shade, skin tone and even eye colour can play a part in finding the eyewear which truly suits you. 

To help make choosing the right frames a little easier, we have taken a look at the kinds of frames which go best with different hair colours.  

Blonde hair 

Your shade of blonde will have an impact on which colours suit you best. As a rule, chunky dark frames don’t work so well, while greys, tortoiseshell and pastel shades look fantastic on platinum blondes. If you have honey blonde hair, make warmer tones your starting point. Think golds, coppers, reds and khakis. 

Brown hair 

If you have dark brown hair skip heavier darker frames, and instead contrast with your colouring by opting for silvers, greens and golds. For light brown hair it’s hard to go wrong with the classic tortoiseshell frame. Rich browns and reds will complement your colouring too, along with golds and coppers. 

Red hair 

If you are a redhead, it’s important to choose frames that will complement the warmth of your hair tone. Pastel frames or anything that has yellow tone are a no no. Instead, bold solid colours will look great alongside warm neutral shades, golds and coppers. 

Black hair 

Dark tortoiseshell and black frames look superb alongside black hair, but if you dare to be bold, bright blues and reds can create a striking contrast. Metal frames can look great too, though avoid pastel tones which can look dull in comparison. 

Grey hair 

It’s hard to go wrong when pairing glasses with grey hair. Be bold and opt for rich solid colours (think amber, mustard, red or navy), thick rims, or any metallic frames.  

Alongside finding the right frames for your colouring, your face shape can have an impact on whether your specs look great or just don’t go. Read our recent blog to find out more about how to select the right frames to suit the shape of your face


Browse our extensive range of frames online.  Just select the pair – or pairs – you like, and with the click of a button we can have them ready for you to try on when you come in for your appointment.


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Winter Eyecare

The winter months can pose a few challenges for your eye health. Thankfully there are some very simple things you can do to take better care of your eyes during this season. 

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer 

Glare can be a real issue during the winter, whether it is caused by bright sunshine reflecting off snow, puddles or heavy frost or the dazzle of the low sun on a winter afternoon.  

Sunglasses are the perfect way to reduce this glare, but they also have other year-round benefits. They provide protection against UV rays which, over the years, can cause significant damage to your eyes, while also protecting the skin around the eye, reducing the risk of skin cancer. 

And on bright winter days, sunglasses can help reduce eyestrain and headaches, too.  

Winter sun can be very low and very bright and can often cause real problems when driving. If you are struggling with this debilitating glare, it’s really important to choose the right pair of sunglasses. Make sure you get the right colour and depth of tint – polarised lenses can be really helpful. Also make sure the frame doesn’t obscure your vision.   

And if you take part in winter sports such as skiing then choosing the right eyewear is vital. 

Patrick & Menzies Partner and Dispensing Optician Dan Edwards, explained: “A much larger amount of ultra violet is reflected off snow than off concrete or grass for example. So, if you do take part in winter sports, we can help you select the right eyewear to protect your eyes.” 

Find out more about choosing the right pair of sunglasses here. 


Be dry eye aware 

Dry Eye is a common problem during the winter months, though it can occur all year round, especially if there is an underlying condition. 

Dan explained: “During the colder months people are likely to have the central heating on at home and the hot air blowers on in the car, both of which dry out the air. On top of that typically, we spend more time indoors during the winter, and possibly more time looking at electronic devices. All of these things have a knock-on effect for our eye health, potentially leading to Dry Eye symptoms.” 

Depending on how severely you are suffering, the most common symptoms are uncomfortable eyes which can look red and feel sore. 

Dan continued: “The best way to combat Dry Eye is to make the most of the tears your body can produce itself. Keep your eyelids clear and clean and use a hot compress to make sure the ducts and glands that secrete tears are clear and clean, too. If this doesn’t help you can consider using artificial tear drops which you can get from the optician or pharmacist. 

“If you are suffering from Dry Eye, please do give us a call so we can work out the best course of action. We can either arrange for you to see an optometrist or, if the symptoms are mild, then we can advise which products may help make your eyes feel more comfortable.”  

Want to find out more about Dry Eye? Check out our Dry Eyes blog.

Take a screen break 

With wintery weather leading to more time spent indoors there is a temptation to turn to electronic devices for entertainment.  

If you do find yourself looking at a screen for a long period of time, make sure you take regular breaks. The suggested guidance is to make sure every 20 minutes you look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 

Dan added: “If you are finding it uncomfortable looking at the screen for long periods, and other problems such as any blur or dry eye have been addressed, then it can help to check the colour balance, brightness and contrast. A lot of people just put up with the factory settings when it comes to their screen, but altering the settings can make it more comfortable for your eyes, obviously so long as it suits what you are using the screen for. For example, changing the background colour so you aren’t typing black on white can reduce the contrast and really help.” 

As with any time of the year, if you notice a change in your vision or are concerned about your eye health, please do get in touch to book an appointment, rather than wait for your next regular check-up. 

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