All-in one price includes:

Frame, lenses, UV filtering tint and case and cloth.

Prices from* Single Vision £119.00, Varifocal £195.00, Bifocal  £150.00

Extras: Polarized for increased glare protection, from £40 extra. Anti-reflection for increased clarity, from £20 extra

All lenses are available in a choice of different tints, to suit you.

* Overall price will depend on your particular frame, lens and prescription combination.

All sunglasses are UV filtered to European standards.



Frame design and manufacture has come a long way in the last 50 years. We stock a wide range of frames to ensure we have something to suit everyone, from designer ranges like Prada, Versace and Ray-Ban, funky bold plastic frames or elegant rimless options. We are confident we can find you something that looks amazing, for a price you’re comfortable with. Whichever you choose all our frames come with a minimum 12 months’ guarantee against manufacturing faults.



Whether you normally wear glasses or not, if you drive or play sports then you’ll know glare can seriously interfere with your activities. And we are all now aware of the dangers of excessive UV exposure to our eyes, as well as our skin. So, we stock several different ranges of sunglasses, from the popular Ray-Ban to Maui Jim and Serengeti sunglasses with their superior glare-protection. We even have our own range of sunglasses at a special ‘all-in’ price. Whichever you choose they are available to your prescription, are properly UV filtered and will be fitted with as much care and attention as your regular glasses.

Spectacle Lenses


As professionals we understand the qualities of a good lens, so we choose expertly designed and manufactured lenses from Nikon. They’ve been making lenses since before they started making cameras and are at the cutting edge of lens design and manufacture. However, because we’re independent, we can source lenses from anywhere. This gives us the advantage of being able to fulfil any specific requirement you may have. We’re confident that the lenses we choose are amongst the very best available.

Lens Coatings

Most of our lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating as standard – while this doesn’t make them bullet proof, it does mean that the lenses will last longer than they would otherwise. Increasingly now, lenses are being supplied with anti-reflective coatings too, which reduce the symptoms of glare and give a sharper image than an uncoated lens. They also cosmetically enhance the appearance of your spectacles, making the lenses look nearly invisible. You can also choose to have your lenses coated to filter out ultraviolet, remove some wavelengths of blue light to alleviate symptoms of visual stress and minimize the effect on your body clock, and be made water repellant, anti-static and fingerprint resistant!

Contact Lenses and Solutions

Contact Lenses and Solutions

Being independent means we can source contact lenses from anywhere, so there are rarely occasions where we can’t meet your needs. We supply lenses from all the major manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson, Coopervision and Alcon, as well as from smaller companies who can make more complex prescriptions and bespoke lenses. Whatever your preferred method of wear, be it daily, monthly, two-weekly or even yearly replacement, our optometrists will advise on the best lens type for your eyes. This means your eyes stay healthy, you get the most comfortable solution and the best vision possible.

Ongoing Eye Health

Ongoing Eye Health

In recent years there has been an increasing focus on helping patients to manage their ongoing eye health and to be more aware of how they can help maintain healthy, comfortable eyes and good vision.

One of the biggest factors in this is to do with dry eyes and the tears. There’s loads of information in our blog. We can suggest many different ways to keep the eyelids healthy in order to maintain good tears. Different types of drops work for different problems and suit different people and we make every effort to find the right one for you. In addition, eye masks, eyelid cleansers and wipes can all help to keep your eyes in tip-top shape.

As well as external problems, we can also provide supplements that have been shown to slow down, and in some cases stop the progression of macular degeneration. Nothing can reverse damage that has already occurred and they’re not a replacement for a good diet, protecting against excessive UV exposure and generally looking after your health properly, but for some people, supporting this with Macushield capsules, which provide the right balance of specific vitamins and supplements, can make a real difference in maintaining the delicate structures in the retina.



We always provide a case and cloth with all the new glasses we make, but we also sell different types of cases, cords so you don’t lose your new specs, and cleaning products to keep your glasses in mint condition.




One monthly payment covers all your professional fees*.

Just choose the level of care that’s right for you.

*VisionPlan excludes Vision in Learning appointments.
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Our usual great service –
just a little different.

We’re open and looking after your eyes, glasses, and contact lenses as normal, just with a few alterations to how we go about things. As per our professional guidelines, we are prioritising those people who are having trouble or are concerned about their eyes, vision, or visual correction. We can see routine appointments but are asking those with no issues just to book a little further in advance to allow us to leave room for those people who are experiencing difficulties.

To keep us all safe, and to comply with guidelines, all staff have appropriate PPE and training and will observe social distancing wherever possible. We will perform as much of your consultation as we can at an appropriate distance, or remotely before you arrive at the practice.

Our New Procedures

  • Our practices are operating by appointment only. Appointments are needed for all visits, whether that’s for an eye examination, to collect your spectacles or for any other face to face query.
  • You can request your appointment by phone, online or by email
  • Everyone visiting the practices will be asked to wear a mask or face covering and sanitise their hands on arrival.
  • Please attend your appointment on your own unless you have to have someone with you for mobility or other health reasons.
  • We ask that children only attend with one parent.
  • We request card payments only, or BACS before you collect your spectacles.

Finally, and most importantly, please do not attend if you feel unwell and have developed any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with anyone who has.

Thank you for your help in helping us, look after you.